• Lock and Lockers

    All students are assigned hall lockers. Locks for these lockers may be purchased from the Berkshire PTA. Do not share your combination with other students and never leave your lock on its last number. Gym locks are provided to students at no cost. All items left in the lockers in the locker rooms must be locked at all times.  If gym locks are lost, students will pay a fine.  Absolutely forbidden in school lockers (and on school property) are items which may be disruptive to the normal school process or which pose a danger to health and safety. Tobacco, nicotine, smoking paraphernalia, alcohol, fireworks, weapons and stolen property are some examples. School officials have the legal responsibility and right to search lockers under circumstances that justify such action. Teams have periodic locker clean outs and locker sharing is not allowed. Decorating lockers without administrative approval is prohibited.