• Lunch Procedures

    Students are expected to keep the cafeteria neat and clean for everyone who eats there. Leftover food needs to be 
    taken care of and must not be left on tables, chairs or on the floor. Basic rules of conduct and respect are the same 
    for every student. No one should give “cuts” or buy food for others who do not want to wait in line. Throwing food, 
    standing or sitting on tables and taking food from others is not acceptable. Before dismissal by supervisors, students 
    should be sure the tables are clean. No more than ten students are permitted at a table. School administration 
    reserves the right to assign student seating at lunch. Students are expected to carry and use their student I.D.’s 
    when purchasing their lunch. The distribution of birthday treats (cupcakes, pizza, etc.) is not allowed in the 

    Lunch Recess

    Lunch recess includes the use of the media center, gym lobby and gym. If weather permits, students will be allowed 
    to go outside to use a supervised area adjacent to the music rooms. During lunch periods, students are not allowed 
    to go to areas where classes are being held unless they have a pass from a teacher or lunch period supervisor. Food 
    and drink are not allowed outside of the cafeteria.