• Telephones/Cell Phones/Personal Electronic Devices

    Cell phones and all other personal electronic devices must be powered off and out of sight from 8:05 am – 3:14 pm 
    (including lunch and rec) unless students are given permission from teachers/administration. Students are expected 
    to use the office phone to contact home or parents. Cell phone use is only allowed with teacher/administration 
    approval and only for educational purposes. Students are not allowed to record video/audio or take pictures anytime 
    during the school day unless given permission from a staff member. 
    • 1
    st Violation – Student pick-up from the front office
    • 2
    nd Violation – Parent pick-up from the front office
    • 3
    rd Violation – Parent pick-up from the front office and conference with an administrator
    • Further violations will result in additional consequences determined by an administrator