• Daily Absences – Excused Exempt (EE) and Excused Unexempt (EU)

    Per board policy, the following factors are considered to be “Excused-Exempt” reasons for time missed at school:

    • Illness with medical documentation
    • Recovery from an accident with medical documentation
    • Required court attendance with court notice
    • Death in the family
    • Observation or celebration of a religious holiday
    • Other absences that may be deemed acceptable by the Superintendent or designee
    • Religious instruction according to M.C.L.A. 380.1561(3d)(3e)

    To notify the school of a student’s absence, a parent or guardian must telephone the 24-hour answering service 248-
    203-4700 option 2 no later than 8:30 a.m. on the school day of the absence. Doctor’s notes are required to verify 
    appointments and excessive absences. 

    Absences from school for reasons other than those listed above will be considered Excused Unexempted and 
    therefore truancies. If a student demonstrates a pattern of excessive absences, the following steps will be taken: 
    10 Days Absent – Parent or guardian will be contacted by school personnel and a district advisement letter will be 
    mailed home.

    15 Days Absent – A meeting with parent/guardian and student will take place to develop an attendance action plan. 
    20 Days Absent – A meeting with parent/guardian and the District Truancy Officer will take place to discuss the potential referrals to Oakland County Truancy Officer.
    25 Days Absent – The District Truancy Officer completes Oakland Schools referral and submits to Oakland Schools Truancy Program for further follow up and action.

    Leaving School during the Day 

    Students who leave Berkshire for any reason during the school day must sign out in the Attendance Office. Approval to sign out requires: 

    ● A written note from the parent or guardian prior to departure 
    ● The parent/guardian must come to the Attendance Office to sign out his/her child 
    ● The student should present the note to the Attendance Office at the beginning of the day and to the teacher at  the start of the class 

    Upon return to school, the student must sign in at the attendance office so we are aware of the student’s presence in school. Students who leave the building without signing out are considered truant. The parents and authorities will be contacted should this occur. Appropriate consequences will be assigned.