• Planned Absences/Homework Request

    Students who will be absent for two days or more for emergencies, family trips or other unforeseen circumstances are encouraged to discuss their plans with their teachers. Parents should notify the attendance office by telephone  (248-203-4700: option #2) in advance of the absence. We strongly discourage students from missing extensive 
    amount of school for any reason. These absences will be included in the total number of excused absences students are allowed to accumulate. Homework should be requested for any absence exceeding three days directly from the teacher by email or phone. Teachers are given 24 hours to reply. This may involve illness or a prearranged absence including family trips. For a prearranged absence, especially those involving an absence of several days, the request must be made in writing at least one week before the absence. This provides staff an opportunity to gather sufficient information concerning assignments. It is then the student’s responsibility to gather the assignments from teachers. 

    Assignments given for prearranged absences are usually due on the day of the student’s return; however, a 
    conference with the teacher determines how many days will be allowed for makeup work. Prearranged absence 
    requests written by parents must also be given to the attendance office for verification.