• Senior Seminar 12A: Future Studies



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    1st Period (Blade Runner)

    3rd Period (Blade Runner)

    5th Period (Blade Runner)


    Jurassic Park Reading Schedule   

    Read to                                    By date

    p. 110 (p. 124 in blue book)       9/23/19 (Quiz)

    p. 210 (p. 234 in blue book)       9/27/19 (Quiz)

    p. 314 (p. 351 in blue book)       10/4/19 (Quiz)

    p. 399 (p. 448 in blue book/end) 10/11/19 (Test)

    Defining Future Studies


    This course invites you to consider visions of the future that writers and filmmakers have explored.  The "summer reading" assignment asked you to consider "fundamental questions of what it means to be human in an age of rapidly advancing technologies." We will spend the first week of the course researching and writing about the "critical issues that define a study of humanity's future."