• Manipulate the Parabola to Make the Marble Hit the Stars!
    Explore the "Marble Slides" activity at desmos.com, working with each other to solve the problems in the student preview.
    Welcome to Algebra 1B!

    It's time to continue your math studies with the second half of Algebra 1. Our studies this spring will focus on exponential functions, factoring, solving quadratics, and probability and statistics. Come to class every day ready to hone the algebra skills that will serve you well in subsequent math courses and on college entrance exams like the ACT and SAT.

    SAT/PSAT Prep

    An important part of Algebra 1 is developing the skills you need to succeed on the PSAT and SAT tests you'll have to take during your high school career. Kahn Academy and The College Board have teamed up to provide a free, comprehensive test prep program here. Take advantage of this great resource as you supplement your high school ELA and math coursework.

    Developing Successful Strategies

    Success in Algebra 1 requires daily study of new concepts and vocabulary. Utilize the many helpful features of the online textbook to preview upcoming topics and "set" your brain for new learning. View helpful video tutorials before you come to class and while completing problems at home to reinforce concepts.

    Homework Habits

    Strive to work on math problems for 30 - 40 minutes every day. Rereading sections of the textbook and studying example problems will also help, along with watching the online video tutorials. Developing regular study habits will sharpen your mathematical skills and lead to success in this class.