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  • Week of Sept. 21, 2020: Team Pictures and Avondale at Groves
    VSN will be at Groves on Monday, Sept. 21, at 4:00 PM to take team pictures.  Order team and invidual pictures online at
    On Tuesday, Avondale will travel to the Groves campus for an OAA Blue dual meet.  Boys race at 4:30 PM; girls, at 5:15.
    Week of Sept. 14, 2020: Oak Park @ Groves
    Oak Park will visit Groves on Wednesday, September 16. The boys' race will begin at 4:30 PM; the girls' race, at 5:15.
    Here are a few updates regarding the season:
    • Runners are no longer required to wear masks during warmups, competition, or cool downs (per the new executive order as of Sept. 9)
    • A maximum of two guest per athlete may attend the meets, and they must wear face coverings.
    • There will be a County Meet, but for varsity (top 7) runners only, and it might be on Friday, Oct. 9 (more details to follow)
    • OAA Blue folks are discussing some kind of league meet right now; still in early planning stages.

    Here is the text of the update from the MHSAA:

    Here is a summary of current requirements as they relate to fall sports and face coverings in light of the Governor’s most recent Executive Order (EO 2020-180). It is the MHSAA’s expectation that all members comply with Executive Order 180, which was issued on September 9, 2020, and governs social distancing and facial coverings requirements for organized sports.

    As of September 10:

    1. Face coverings may be worn but student-athletes are not required to do so while in active participation in cross country, golf and tennis.  Active participation only applies when an athlete is “in” the game/match/meet/race/competition or is actively involved in any warm-up or cool-down activity. In swimming & diving, there is no requirement of face coverings while preparing to enter the water (and obviously while in the water) but the covering shall be worn at all other times when on-deck or in the facility.
    2. Face coverings are required in football, soccer and volleyball.  This includes all times during active participation and all times during non-active participation when 6 feet of physical distance cannot be maintained.
    3. There are no provisions in EO 180 for medical intolerance reasons or medical waivers.  This is not an MHSAA regulation, and thus the MHSAA has no legal authority to waive or modify this Executive Order from the Governor’s office.
    4. In both indoor and outdoor practice and training sessions in all regions of the state, including Regions 6 and 8, this same sport-specific guidance applies.
    5. Consistent with current Executive Orders, face coverings shall be worn by coaches, medical staff, game event staff, media members and spectators. Note that broadcasters and PA announcers are an exception to this requirement when that person is actively broadcasting or announcing. This allows broadcasters and announcers to remove the face covering while performing those speaking duties but should wear the face covering at all other times.
    6. Officials may wear face coverings on the field of play if he/she desires. Officials shall wear face coverings upon arrival at a facility, before the contest, during intermissions away from the field/court/area of play and following the contest until departure. Remember that officials have no role in enforcing face covering requirements as this is a responsibility of school administrators.
    7. Executive Order 180 does not define ‘facial coverings’ for purposes of organized sports. Traditional cloth masks, gaiters, affixed helmet plastic shields (100% clear – no tint) and cloth/fabric helmet attachments located inside the face mask (all of which must cover the nose and mouth) are not prohibited.

    The MHSAA will attempt to assist schools in understanding these requirements but know the MHSAA has no authority to waive, ignore or modify Executive Orders for any reason. Additional guidance on other topics will be covered in an email tomorrow.

    2020 XC Season Updates
    This cross country season has brought many changes and will continue to evolve as we move forward, but here's what we know so far:
    1. Team practices will occur every weekday from 3:30 - 5:00.
    2. Our home meets (at least 4 now) will now be held at the Groves campus.  Spectators will be able to socially distance in the bleachers.
    3. The new home course starts on the track, has the kids complete 3 loops of the campus, and finishes on the 50-yard line of the football field.
    4. Athletes need to complete a health questionnaire before every practice (use the QR code on fliers outside the stadium).
    5. Boys run first this year.  Most meets will have a 4:30 start for the boys' race and a 5:15 start for the girls race.
    6. Here is our current confirmed schedule.  Check for updates:


    • Wed, Sept 9: Detroit Country Day @ Groves
    • Wed, Sept 16: Oak Park @ Groves
    • Tue, Sept. 22: Avondale @ Groves
    • Tue, Oct. 6: Groves @ Berkley (Catalpa Oaks)
    • Tue, Oct. 13: North Farmington @ Groves
    • Wed, Oct. 21: Groves @ West Bloomfield (Hess Hathaway)

    The County Meet, 9/10 Meet, Regional, and State Meet (and the potential Seaholm meet) have yet to be confirmed.


    Official Practices Begin Wednesday, Aug. 12!

    Are you ready to compete in the OAA Blue Division this fall? We'll begin official practices on the Groves track at 8:00 A.M. Wednesday, August 12 -- make sure to get a physical and all your "paper"-work done by then (go to We start racing on Tuesday, Sept. 1, at the Mustang Invitational in Northville.  Check the Groves pages on for information about our schedule this season.

    Summer Training
    Dive into the world of running as you work to maximize your summer mileage. Log your weekly mileage here and stay connected with the team via social media. Weekday captains' practices will start at 8:30 A.M. every weekday at Beverly Park. Check out the pre-season training document (linked below) for training ideas. Stay tuned for more announcements about targeted team races and prizes for summer mileage achievements.
    Running Form
    As you log more miles and gain more experience, your form (and efficiency) will improve.  The bounding and plyometric drills we do before every practice should help as well.  You can also focus on some simple ideas that will improve your running form.  New Balance's Good Form Running site provides a useful set of principles to run by.  You can watch a great breakdown of an Olympian's running technique here. You can also check out this super slow motion clip of the Boston Marathon finishers
    Get the Right Shoes
    Make sure you have a decent pair of running shoes in which to train. Local stores like Hanson's, Running Fit, and Level Multisport have experienced runners that can answer questions about your individual running needs.  All three stores will give you a discount if you mention that you're running cross country.  Above all, find a shoe that fits your running style, frame, and foot-strike pattern.

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