• 5530 - Substance Abuse Prevention

    The Board of Education recognizes that the misuse of drugs is a serious problem with legal, physical, and social implications for the entire school community.
    As the educational institution of this community, the schools should strive to prevent drug abuse and help drug abusers by educational, rather than punitive, means.
    For purposes of this policy, "drugs" shall mean:all dangerous controlled substances as so designated and prohibited by Michigan statute and/or Federal statute;

    1. chemicals which release toxic vapors and may be used as inhalants;
    2. all alcoholic beverages;
    3. any prescription or non-prescription drug, except those for which permission to use in school has been granted pursuant to Board policy; 
    4. counterfeit controlled substances or controlled substances analogues ("look-alikes" drugs); anabolic steroids; 
    5. any other illegal substance so designated and prohibited by law. 

    For purposes of this policy, "drugs" shall not mean prescription or non-prescription drugs, medications, vitamins or similar substances such as pain relievers, analgesics, laxatives or cough medicines so long as such substances are possessed by students for their individual use and not for any improper purpose and the possession by the student is in accordance with Policy 5530 - Use of Medications.

    In accordance with Federal and State law, the Board hereby establishes a "Drug-Free School Zone" that extends 1000 feet from the boundary of any school property. The Board prohibits the use, possession, sale, concealment, delivery, or distribution of any drug or any drug-related paraphernalia at any time on District property, within the Drug-Free School Zone, or at any District-related event.

    The Superintendent or designee shall establish administrative guidelines necessary to implement this policy.
    M.C.L.A. 380.1170, 333.26301 et seq., 333.7410, 333.7410A
    A.C. Rule R388.271 et seq.
    Senate Bill 350, 1990
    Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1986, 20 U.S.C. 3171 et seq.