The District recognizes:
    A. The primary intent of society in establishing a system of public schools is to provide an opportunity for learning;
    B. An environment that fosters learning places paramount importance on the achievement of educational objectives; and
    C. Educational objectives include both the mastery of academic disciplines and the responsible exercise of civic rights and responsibilities.

    This Code of Conduct is concerned with individual rights in the context of the school community. We believe that students, teachers, administrators and parents should create the rules which govern that community. We are mindful of the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Michigan. Any Code of Conduct should: assist students in the learning and understanding those rights; how to exercise them responsibly; and promote the practical realization of the Policy which these bases of our government envision.This preamble is a point of departure. The Code of Conduct itself, and the administrative guidelines promulgated to implement the Code of Conduct, will provide greater detail about the way in which each individual student must exercise his/her rights and responsibilities in the school community. Both the Code of Conduct and the administrative guidelines will seek to define the consequences which will occur when a student fails to meet his/her responsibilities.

    Each student has a basic right to educational opportunities. When a student infringes upon this basic right of others, it becomes the duty of the District to discipline this student and restore the conditions that promote learning for all students. It is also the District’s responsibility to respect, at all times, the rights and privileges of the students as defined in this Code of Conduct. In disciplining students and regulating their conduct, the District strives to assure that guidelines and consequences areappropriate and proportionate in nature, consistent with applicable law, constructive and limited to that reasonably necessary to promote the District’s educational objectives.

    The Superintendent or designee shall publish to all students and their parents the rules of this District regarding student conduct, the consequences that may be imposed for breach of those rules, and the due process procedures that will be followed in administering the Code of Conduct.