• Character Education

    Character education is integral to all that is done in school, and most effective when school, home and community work together. The oldest and most critical mission of schools, character education focuses on core human values, including virtue, good habits and disposition. Character education is about ways of being that are constantly practiced and developed to strengthen students from within. The goal is to help students become morally responsible, self[1]disciplined citizens. It is expected that students will develop:

    1. Positive Attitude – Students should strive to be hopeful and confident in their thoughts and actions about themselves, others and the future.
      B. Honesty and Integrity – Students should show others, by their just and principled words and actions, that they are deserving of their trust.
      C. Respect and Kindness – Students should show empathy and regard for others, the environment and the world around them.
      D. Responsibility and Accountability – Students should show that they follow through on commitments and are answerable for their actions and decisions.

    Positive Behavior Support
    The District strives to provide a system that will support students’ efforts to manage their own behavior and promote academic achievement. An effective behavior support system is a proactive, positive, skill-building approach for the teaching and learning of successful student behavior. Positive behavior support systems ensure effective strategies that promote pro-social behavior and respectful learning environments.

    Conduct in School and at School Activities
    The Superintendent or designee shall establish administrative guidelines to assure that no person can, without consequence, disrupt the educational process by that person’s actions, manners, or lack of consideration and cooperation.