• Student Rights and Responsibilities

    The following rights and responsibilities are listed to protect and to preserve all students’ status as citizens:

    A. Freedom of Speech – Students are entitled to express their opinions verbally. Such verbal opinions shall not interfere with the rights of others to express themselves.            Verbal opinions must not disrupt the educational process. The use of obscene language is prohibited.

    B. Freedom of Assembly – All meetings in school buildings or on school grounds may function only as authorized  as part of the formal educational process of the school or      as authorized by proper school officials. Students have the right to assemble peaceably; however, there is an appropriate time and place for the expression of opinions        and beliefs. Conducting or participating in demonstrations which disrupt or interfere with the operation of the school or classroom is inappropriate and prohibited.

    C. Freedom to Publish – Students are entitled to express in writing their personal opinion. The distribution of such material may not interfere with, disrupt, or distract from          the operation of the school. Such written expressions of personal opinions must be signed by the author(s).