• Procedural Rules

    The hallmark of the exercise of disciplinary authority shall be reasonableness and fairness.

    Substantial effort shall be made by staff members to resolve problems through effective utilization of District resources in cooperation with the student and his/her parent/guardian. Such efforts must be recorded by the school administrator and should be recorded by the staff member and kept on file.

    No student shall be detained by the District after the close of the regular school day unless the student’s parent/guardian, or designated adult when the parent/guardian is unavailable, has been contacted and informed that the student will be detained. No student shall be refused transportation services until the parent/guardian has been notified.


    During debarment (one [1] day or less) or short-term suspension (up to ten [10] days), the student will be provided the course content (i.e. worksheets, handouts, assignments), except for notes and other information provided by the teacher during the class period that would be considered part of the in-class lesson. Any content that would have received a grade will not be graded; the ungraded content will not be averaged into the student’s final grade for the class.

    A student shall be given make-up privileges if a test or other major evaluation occurs during the time of the debarment or short-term suspension. Make-up privileges shall be extended for unit or chapter tests, term papers, projects, class presentations, etc.

    It shall be the responsibility of the student to contact each teacher for course content and/or to arrange for make-up privileges.


    During long-term suspension, a student will not be provided the course content, unless authorized by the Deputy Superintendent.


    Students shall not be subject to "corporal punishment," as defined in M.C.L.A. 380.1312.

    Seclusion and/or restraint shall only be used on an emergency basis, and, then, only in accordance with the Policy adopted by the Michigan State Board of Education and by this Board (see Board Policy 5640.)