• Misconduct in Another School System

    A student who has been found to have engaged in misconduct resulting in expulsion or long-term suspension in another school system, or who has withdrawn from a school system prior to a hearing on alleged misconduct, may be charged with a violation of this Code of Conduct as a result of the prior misconduct. All applicable due process procedures will be followed in determining whether discipline will be imposed by the District.

    The Superintendent or designee shall establish administrative guidelines, in accordance with State and Federal law and regulation, for suspension and/or expulsion for misconduct in another District.


    Off-Campus Misconduct

    Students in attendance at school-sponsored, off-campus events are subject to the direction and authority of District personnel and are governed by all applicable rules and guidelines of the District. In addition, students’ off-campus conduct which may have an effect on the general safety and welfare of students, staff, or others in the school community may result in disciplinary action, whether or not part of a school-sponsored activity.