• Blended Assignment for Thurs, Feb 16

    1st Hour:1. Watch the two videos below. Text me a comment to this assignment something you learned, noticed, reaction, etc.  (I know it looks dirty so make sure you explain to your parents if they look over your shoulder- haha!)
    2. If you have time, you can look up some other videos on the same topics. There are tons out there!
    3) Take the google form quiz. Use your functional list that you created if you need to :) Take it as many times as needed until you get 100% and understand WHY!

    Video One

    Video 2

    Google Quiz

    3rd Hour: 1) Watch the video below. Add one question you have to the private comment section.
    2) DRAW a diagram of a typical multipolar neuron (Fig 7.4 P. 231 in textbook or see my PPT on my school website) Be sure to label: nucleus, a mitochondrion, dendrite, Nissl substance, neurofibrils (sound familiar??), axon, Schwann cell, node and axon terminal.
    Please color and label your drawing and cut it out so we can put it up on the wall of the classroom when we are done. Make the body as large as a full or half sheet of paper and then attach the axon using other paper.
    *Text or Email with questions! Please have this ready to go on Friday :) Come to class if you need materials.

    Nervous System Video



    Tissue Examples


    Special Senses PPT


    Nervous System Diagrams


    Final Exam A Diagrams


    Muscular System Unlabeled Diagrams


    Muscular System PPT with Labels


    Practice Skeletal Diagrams


    Skeletal PowerPoint


    Integumentary System Practice Test


    Skin (Integumentary) PPT


    Cells and Tissues PPT