Battle of the Books

  • Book Scavenger

    by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman Year Published: 2015 Mystery

    Just after twelve-year-old Emily and her family move to San Francisco, she teams up with new friend James to follow clues in an odd book they find, hoping to figure out its secrets before the men who attacked Emily's hero, publisher Garrison Griswold, solve the mystery or come after the friends.

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  • Circus Mirandus

    by Cassie Beasley Year Published: 2015 Fantasy

    When he realizes that his grandfather's stories of an enchanted circus are true, Micah Tuttle sets out to find the mysterious Circus Mirandus--and to use its magic to save his grandfather's life.

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  • Courageous Canine!

    by Kelly Milner Halls Year Published: 2013 Nonfiction

    Follow along as National Geographic Kids Chapters' presents a trio of true stories about incredible acts of animal heroism. Courageous Canine features an amazing pup named Lilly who sacrifices her own life to save her owner, a brave pod of dolphins who face a great white shark to save a stranger, and a mother gorilla, who in mourning her own baby, saves a 3-year-old boy who falls into her zoo enclosure.

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  • My Near-Death Adventures (99% True!)

    by Alison DeCamp Year Published: 2016 Historical Fiction, Humor

    In 1895, twelve-year-old Stan decides to find his long-lost father in the logging camps of Michigan, documenting in his scrapbook his travels and encounters with troublesome relatives, his mother's suitors, lumberjacks, and more.

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  • Pie

    by Sarah Weeks Year Published: 2013 Realistic Fiction

    Alice's Aunt Polly passes away and entrusts the recipe for her world-famous pie crust to her cat, which she leaves in Alice's care, and as everyone, including Alice, tries to discover the secret ingredients, Alice learns some important lessons about faith, love, and family.

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  • Red Butterfly

    by A.L. Sonnichsen Year Published: 2015 Novel in Verse, Realistic Fiction

    In China, a foundling girl with a deformed hand raised in secret by an American woman must navigate China's strict adoption system when she is torn away from the only family she has ever known.

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  • Book Clubs

    In the BCS Media Center during 3/4 and 5/6 lunches.  Read the book first, bring your lunch, and get ready to talk about some great books!

    Tuesday, January 16
    Near Death Adventures

    Monday, January 22
    Circus Mirandus

    Tuesday, January 23

    Monday, January 29
    Red Butterfly

    Tuesday, January 30
    Courageous Canine!

    Monday, February 5
    Book Scavenger

  • Did you have a child in Battle of the Books in 2015-16 or before?  If so, you will notice that we've made some changes in the program since then:

    • Baldwin Library is the official host of the Battle program, and the Birmingham Schools libraries are supporting the program.
    • Students will form their own teams of 4-6 students. The teams can be made up of students from both 4th and 5th grade and with students from any school in the district. Each team must have one adult team coach.
    • There will be a total of six Battle books rather than ten.
    • There will not be any tests to qualify for a team – students are responsible for reading as many of the six Battle titles as they can. The more you read, the better your team will do!
    • There will be one community Battle on Saturday, February 10, rather than separate Battles at all the elementary schools.
    …but some things will remain the same!
    • The books will still be available for checkout in the BCS Media Center and also at Baldwin Library.
    • If you wish to purchase books after the Battle has begun, we encourage you to purchase through Amazon Smile and choose “Birmingham Covington 3-8 PTSA” as your charity.
    • The BCS Media Center will still host book clubs during lunch times for 4th and 5th graders who are participating.
    • The actual Battle will still have teams collaborate to answer the questions about the Battle books.
    More information can be found at, or you are welcome to email BCS Media Specialist Ann Truesdell at with any questions you have.