Birbery Reading Program

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    January 24-27
    Birbery Program is announced at BCS during class checkouts

    January 28
    Book checkout begins at BCS

    Book clubs will take place throughout March and April

    May 8
    Deadline for all reviews to be submitted: 11:59pm.

    May 12
    Quiz Bowl at BCS
    The five winners of the Quiz Bowl will go on to the Committee!

    May 19
    Birbery Committee meets at Baldwin Public Library

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  • What is the Birbery?

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    The Birbery is a reading program designed by Birmingham Media Specialists for all Birmingham Public School 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.  It is a “Mock Newbery” program. The real Newbery is an award given each year in January for “the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children in the preceding year.” The BPS Media Specialists and Baldwin librarians chose 10 exceptional books that they believe are front-runners for the real Newbery Award. 

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  • Where do I get the books?

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    All of the books are available for checkout in the BCS Media Center as well as at Baldwin Public Library.

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  • When are the book clubs?

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    The book clubs will be held during lunches throughout March and April. 

    They are not a requirement for participation, but they are strongly encouraged!  

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  • Contact

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    If you have any additional questions, please contact the BCS Library Media Specialist.

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  • What are the requirements to participate?

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    To compete in the Quiz Bowl (and enjoy a delicious lunch):

    1. Read all 10 Birbery books.
    2. Review all 10 books on the Media Center website by May 8.

    To watch the Quiz Bowl (and eat the food, too!):

    1. Read 5 or more Birbery books.
    2. Review those 5+ books on the Media Center website by May 8.
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  • How does the program work?

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    We begin by introducing the program and the books to students during an assembly and/or academic labs.

    Then, students can begin to check out the books at the end of the "launch week."

    This is an optional program where students can read and review as many of the 10 Birbery books as they choose.  Students who meet the requirements detailed below come to the Quiz Bowl during school, where the 10 book readers answer game-show style questions about the books. Students who are 5+ book readers get to watch.  Everyone votes on BCS’s favorite Birbery book.  Plus, everyone gets fed lunch and snacks, too!

    Finally, the top 5 scorers of the Quiz Bowl form the BCS branch of the Birbery Committee. The committee members from each middle school are picked up by a limo from school and taken to Baldwin Library to meet.  They eat a catered lunch and discuss the books to decide on the Birbery Award winning book of the year.

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