• Attendance

    Students are expected to be in school and in class every day. Classroom experiences cannot be duplicated and are a crucial part of course work needed to earn credit. Absences diminish the educational experience of all the students in the class. Regular/consistent school attendance helps develop responsibility and self-discipline and prepares students for the world of work.

    PL = Pandemic Learning

     EE = Excused Exempt – Parent called in the absence within 24 hours. The reason for the absence is supported by the factors outlined in the attendance policy:

    ·        Illness with medical documentation

    ·       observation or celebration of a religious holiday

    ·       recovery from accident with medical documentation

    ·        required court attendance with court notice

    ·       death in the family

    ·       other absences that may be deemed acceptable by the Superintendent or designee

    ·       Religious instruction according to M.C.L.A. 380.1561(3d)(3e) (See Policy 5223) will be counted toward loss of credit.

    EN = Excused Nonexempt - Parent called in the absence within 24 hours.  The reason for the absence is not outlined as one of the factors in the attendance policy to make the absence exempt.

     A = Unexcused Absence - Parent did not call in the absence, student did not attend class or a combination of both.

    ·       Leaving class without permission is an unexcused absence.

     If a student arrives more than 10 minutes late to class, it will be recorded as an absence.

     PLEASE REMEMBER:  A parent or guardian must call the school at (248) 203-3700 by 7:30 am the morning following the absence and must call in each day a student is absent. The phone lines are open 24 hours a day.

     Consequences of excessive and/or unexcused absences:  In order to retain privilege of earning both a grade and credit for a class, a student must not exceed a total of eight absences. Upon a student reaching eight absences, they will be placed on an attendance notice. If a student violates the notice, a letter grade of “F” will appear on the transcript and will affect the student’s overall G.P.A. However, credit may still be earned based on the student demonstrating competency in the course as defined by the district and the class syllabus. If a student receives credit, the grade will appear as “FC” on the transcript. Students will have the right to appeal this decision and remain as a student in the class until the appeal has been heard.

     Tardiness is unacceptable at Seaholm and is subject to disciplinary action and/or attendance contract. While events happen to cause occasional tardiness (car trouble, forgetting to set alarm, etc.), these are unacceptable reasons for chronic tardiness. Teachers may issue detentions or refer these students to the Assistant Principal if a pattern of tardiness persists (6 or more tardies denotes a pattern of tardiness).

     Make-Up Work:  Students must make up work for excused absences within a time frame designated by the teacher. Students are responsible for securing and completing the assignments. At the same time, students must understand that there are classroom experiences that cannot be duplicated and will affect the grade in the class. When a student is unexcused from a class, they will not be given credit for any work missed nor can they make up missed tests or quizzes.

     Visitors:  All visitors to the building are required to report to the office and must pick up a visitor’s pass. Arrangements for visiting students should be made in advance with the Community Service Organizer (CSO). Students attending schools within 25 miles of Seaholm are not welcome as visitors unless they have a sincere interest in attending Seaholm. The family should contact the Seaholm CSO to arrange a family tour. After the tour, a shadow visit may be arranged. Younger siblings are not permitted as visitors. Student visitors without a visitors pass will be considered as trespassers.

    Pre-Arranged Absence:  Forms are available in the Attendance Principal’s office and must be signed by a parent or guardian.  They must be completed at least one week in advance of the anticipated absence. The form is presented to the teachers for signatures and returned to the Assistant Principal’s office. Signed form does not exempt student from the school’s eight-absence policy.

    Withdrawal and Probation:  Students with significantly reduced schedules due to excessive absences may be withdrawn from school for violating Michigan School Law (R 340.10 – over 16); referred to authorized court and/or school personnel for violating Michigan School Law (380.1562 – under 16).  Students who have been asked to withdraw from school for attendance and/or disciplinary reasons may, following a conference with the Principal or Assistant Principal, re-enroll the following trimester.  Students will have to demonstrate that they have taken some measures to improve their attendance/discipline and will succeed in their courses at Seaholm.

     Student Responsibilities:
    ·       To attend each class every day

    ·       To insure all attendance records (teacher, Assistant Principal and attendance offices) have been corrected when student arrives late

    ·       To make sure a parent excuses absence with a note or call by 7:30 am the morning following absence (any absence not called in or excused by note by 7:30 am the following morning will be treated as unexcused)

    ·       To present a note to the teacher for all in-school absences (e.g. field trips, school business, etc.) prior to date of absence

    ·       Students who arrive tardy must sign in the attendance/main office.

    ·       Students who leave and/or return at any time during the day must sign in and/or out in the attendance/main office.

    ·       Parents must give verbal or written permission prior to a student leaving school.  Without such permission, the absence will be unexcused

    ·       To seek and make up work for any excused absence

    ·       To attend three or more classes in order to participate in an after school athletic contest or extracurricular activity for that day

     Parent Responsibilities:
    ·       To call or write note to excuse out-of-school absences by 7:30 am the morning following the day of absence; (necessary for any senior wanting to waive out of final exams)

    ·       To discuss with student and follow up with the school when necessary on reported absences (available in Power School)

    ·       To help students understand the relationship between habits and responsibilities, now, and in the future

    ·       Freshmen/sophomore students must abide by closed campus policy throughout the school day.  Freshmen/sophomore parents must give verbal or written permission prior to a student’s leaving school.  Without such permission, the absence will be unexcused

     Appeal Process – Attendance and Disciplinary

     Students and/or parent may file an “appeal” and request a hearing on actions taken by school personnel.  A letter of appeal may be addressed to the Principal.  The letter of appeal must be returned within one school day of the disciplinary action to the Principal’s secretary.

     Ordinarily, appeals will be heard by building administrators as follows:

     Academic Misconduct            Assistant Principal/Principal

    Attendance Appeals               Assistant Principal/Principal            

    Detention Appeals                 Assistant Principal

    Grade Appeals                      Dept. Head/Principal/Review Committee

    Suspension                           Assistant Principal/Principal


    If a student appeals a disciplinary action, the discipline is held in abeyance until the hearing has been held. Thus, a student who is appealing an attendance drop from a class should attend the class until the hearing is held, and a student who is appealing a suspension from school should attend school until the hearing is held and a decision is rendered. This right does not exist in the case of investigations leading to possible expulsion, criminal investigations, or concerns for the health and safety of the school community. It also does not exist when a student is involved in expulsion proceedings. Students (or witnesses) who are involved in the appeal process and perjure themselves risk having further disciplinary action taken. Appeals determined to be frivolous or without any substantive merit may be decided without a hearing but on the basis of written documentation only.


    COUNT DAY – Count Day is scheduled twice per school year; the first Wednesday in October and the second Wednesday in February.  The audited period for each date includes the week before count, the week of count and the 4 weeks after count. 

    On Count Day, please place a “P” in PowerSchool attendance for each student attending class each hour that day. If a student is absent on Count Day, a “P” will be placed on the day the student  returns  to class.  Attendance will be taken as usual all other days.


    Each week of Count you will be provided a document to sign, certifying that you have recorded attendance for your classes.  They will be distributed to you in a blue folder and placed in your mailbox. They are to be returned to the Attendance office in a timely manner.

    These documents are included in the Pupil Accounting Packet maintained for audits and verification.