Grading Policy

    The quality of work achieved by students shall be evaluated in terms of letter grades A, B, C, D, or E. Plus and minus grades may also be used. Students shall be graded upon their achievement as measured against the goals or desired outcomes established for each course. Grades given to students should be based upon many factors such as unit tests, daily quizzes, oral and written reports, class participation, projects, homework, and student effort.

     Teachers will provide each student with a written description of the course goals and objectives and grading procedures or have them posted in the classroom.

    The final grade in a course is determined by an average of the following:

    1.     A final exam or experience which may count no more than 20%.

    2.     Other grades for the term as determined by the teacher which will count at least  80%.

    3.     It is the responsibility of each department to establish guidelines and standards for grading their subject matter. Such guidelines and standards shall be consistent with all other listed statements.

    4.     In addition to A, B, C, D or E, the following special grades may be given:

    F= Withdraw failure for administrative reasons (truancy)

    G = Passing grade in a pass/fail course

    H = Excused for health or medical reasons (grade and/or credit waived— Principal/Assistant Principal permission required)

    I = Incomplete (to be changed to a grade as soon as possible, generally within 2 weeks)

    U = Failure in a pass/fail course

    5.     Grade point averages are based on the following numerical format:

    A = 4.0
    B+ = 3.3
    C+ = 2.3
    D+ = 1.3
    E = 0

    A- = 3.7
    B  = 3.0
    C  = 2.0
    D  = 1.0
    B- = 2.7
    C- = 1.7
    D- = 0.7

    6.     Honor Roll: Students with a marking period grade point of 3.00 to 3.39 will be recognized on the Honor Roll. 3.4 to 3.79 will be recognized on the High Honors. Those students with a 3.8 and above will be recognized on the Principal‘s Honor Roll. 


    7.     Student grades, credits and promotions are within the ultimate review and determination of the Superintendent and/or designee. There are occasions when these are challenged by students or parents. If such a challenge cannot be resolved by the teacher, it shall be subject to the appeal process (see Board Policy 5421).


    8.     Students may elect a total of 2 credits in grades 9-12 on a pass/fail basis. The student must make this arrangement with his/her counselor. No more than ½ credit may be taken pass/fail in any one trimester. The decision to take a class pass/fail must be made by the end of the sixth week of the trimester unless administrative approval has been granted (note: some universities view pass/fail negatively when evaluating transcripts).


    9.     All students are expected to take 5 classes each trimester. Students will not be allowed to drop a class due to poor academic performance, nor can students drop a class because minimum requirements have been met in that subject area.


    10.  Homework Request: Students are encouraged to contact teachers via email to request work missed due to unexpected absence. If a student is absent three or more days, a homework request can be arranged through the counseling office at (248) 203-3751. Please allow 24 hours for the teachers to submit work to the counseling department.


    11.  Final Examinations: All students, with the exception of final term seniors who qualify for a waiver, will take the final exam in each course. This exam will be administered at the conclusion of each course and may take one of several different forms.


    Waiver of Final Term Exams for Seniors

    Students must:

    ·       Have a B average or above for the third and final trimester (grade requirements are in addition to the standard attendance policy)

    ·       Turn in all major assignments

    ·       Accumulate no more than seven excused absences during third trimester

    ·       Not have excessive tardiness or any unexcused absences during final trimester

    ·       Not be taking the class on a pass/fail basis

    ·       This policy does not apply to students who choose to graduate early

    Note: If a student chooses to take a final(s); the resulting grade will be calculated into the trimester grade.


    Early Exams

    a.      Early exams may not be given more than 2 weeks prior to the close of a trimester

    b.     A written request must be brought to the Principal‘s office specifying the reason and the last day the student will be in school, and not later than four weeks in advance of the student‘s last day;


    Testing Out Procedure

    According to Public Act 335, Section 12796, a high school student may earn course credit by demonstrating mastery of the subject area. This is accomplished through testing by a district authorized institution.


    ·       A C+ or better must be achieved on the CCA (course competency assessment) listed on the course syllabus to earn credit. C+ is defined as 78% or better.

    ·       Students can only ―test out‖ if not enrolled in the course.

    ·       Credit earned is based on a pass grade (G) and is not computed into the GPA.

    ·       Credit does count toward fulfillment of the subject area and course sequence requirements.

    ·       Credit earned does not count toward graduation except in foreign language.

    ·       Once credit is earned in a course through this option, students cannot enroll and receive credit in a lower course(s)

    ·       Students must still take a full load of courses as specified by state and local policy

    ·       Exams must be taken during regular exam periods during the year. Students must complete a registration form (available through counseling) and choose an exam period by the following deadlines:


    Test out Registration Deadline


    August Registration                            Register by:     June 1

    Term 1 – Final Exam Period                Register by:    October 1

    Term 2 – Final Exam Period                Register by:     January 1

    Term 3 – Final Exam Period                Register by:     April 1


    Copies of the course syllabus and outcomes will be provided

    The subject area department will provide the final exam and confirm all arrangements

    Parent must arrange and pay for the foreign language assessment if such a language is not taught in the BPS system

    On-line courses must be approved by the department head


    Make-Up Work

    Students must make up work for excused absences within a time frame designated by the teacher. Students are responsible for securing and completing the assignments. At the same time, students must understand that there are classroom experiences that cannot be duplicated and will affect the grade in the class. When a student is unexcused from a class, they will not be given credit for any work missed nor can they make up missed tests or quizzes.


     Test Make-Up Center: A test make-up center will be available from 5:45 am to 7:15 am every day for those with excused absences.