• ACCIDENT ASSISTANCE AND ACCIDENT REPORTING - Students who are sick or injured should be sent or assisted to the assistant principals’ office (33736).

     BUILDING KEYS - All staff members will be issued the necessary keys from the Assistant Principal’s secretary in the main office

     BUILDING USE - Use of the building during and after the school day is scheduled by Assistant Principal’s secretary in the main office.  The request form is located on the Seaholm Website: Staff Resources.  Use of the main office conference room is scheduled by Principal’s secretary, email will suffice.

     Cell phones and electronic communication devices (Tablets, MP3 players, headphones, etc) may be used during non-instructional times in the hallways, cafeteria, and commons. Cell phones and electronic devices are not to be audible or visible during class periods unless explicit permission has been granted by the classroom teacher. Phones must be set to silent or vibrate (no ring tones should be audible). This rule applies to students who travel to Groves and students who are participating in school related activities off school grounds.

     Violation of these guidelines will result in confiscation of the electronic device and the following cumulative consequences:

    ·       1st offense: Confiscated electronic devices must be picked-up by a parent/guardian from administration after the school day.

    ·       2nd offense: Confiscated electronic device must be picked-up by a parent/guardian from administration after the school day.  Parent conference with administrator is required.

    ·       Subsequent Offenses: Confiscated electronic device must be picked-up by a parent/guardian from administration after the school day.

    ·       Repeat offenders of this policy may be subject to further disciplinary action.

     Remember that Electronic Device Usage is a privilege at Seaholm High School. Any abuse of this privilege may result in a student forfeiting the ability to possess electronic devices on the school campus. Teachers may implement additional rules concerning the specific usage of electronic devices in their classes. These rules should be described in their individual class syllabus.

    Note: Seaholm High School is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen Electronic Devices.

    CHILD ABUSE REPORTING - Under Michigan Child Protection Law MCLA 722.621 any teacher who has reasonable cause to suspect child abuse or neglect shall immediately make an oral report to either a building administrator or a counselor who will contact the proper authorities.  The law further guarantees that the identity of the reporting person shall remain confidential and is presumed to be acting in good faith and is granted immunity from civil or criminal liability which might otherwise be incurred.  A person who knowingly fails to report an instance of suspected child abuse or neglect is guilty of a misdemeanor and may be liable for the damages proximately caused by the failure.  Phone #: 1-855-444-3911 (Centralized Intake, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services)

     COMPUTER USE POLICY –There are five computer labs available for class, individual student and staff use. To reserve a lab use the Outlook calendars managed by the Media Center Staff.. Each lab contains a variety of computers and software.  Every student must have a technology use form on file with the media center.

     CORPORAL PUNISHMENT - The Birmingham School District forbids corporal punishment.  Physical force may be used to exercise self-defense or to restore order in unusual situations.

     COUNSELING AND GUIDANCE - Seaholm’s Counseling office provides a broad range of services.  The Counseling Department consists of the Career Center, five counselors and one crisis counselor.  Counselors are responsible for assisting the students in course selection, tracking graduation requirements, exploring career options and the college application process.  All students are welcome and encouraged to visit the Counseling Center and make use of the services provided.


    DISCIPLINE REFERRALS - It is our responsibility to guide each student toward self-discipline.  During the first week of class, expectations, including the consequences, should be explained.  When a student violates classroom rules, the first step should be to contact a parent.  When a student does not modify his/her behavior to comply with expectations. The student should be sent to the assistant principals’ office, along with a phone call or email.

     FIELD TRIPS - Our Board of Education has adopted a very complete Field Trip Policy.  Before you commit to a field trip, please discuss it with your department chair.  Field trip packets outlining instructions are located in the mailroom.  Field trips should not be scheduled during the two weeks prior to exams in January and June.

     FINES  - Students are responsible for the school materials they use. Fines will be issued if any school property is not properly maintained or returned. Registration for the following year is on hold until all fines are settled. Once the fine slip has been given to the bookkeeper, there will be an additional late charge for materials turned in after a trimester ends. Seniors can pick up caps and gowns only when all fines have been settled.

     FIRE AND TORNADO DRILL PROCEDURES – Procedures and routes for each classroom are provided by Administration.  Please make certain to review and post them as soon as possible. 

     FUND RAISING PROJECTS - All fundraising projects must be approved by an administrator.  Necessary forms for project approval are available in the assistant principals’ offices.  Staff responsible for fundraising projects should keep accurate records of all financial transactions pertaining to the fundraiser.  All money collected shall be deposited daily with the bookkeeper.  No cash is to be kept in classrooms.

     INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY - The superintendent shall determine whether or not school will be open.  School closings will be announced on the local radio stations and information will be posted to homepage of the school district.  In addition, Seaholm has an automated fan-out system that will call the phone number you supply when completing your emergency card to assure that every staff member is informed.

     INTERNAL FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS FOR CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES - Each club or organization in the school that collects or spends money is expected to conduct all finances through the bookkeeper.  Any money collected must be deposited with her daily. 

     LOST AND FOUND PROCEDURES - All lost and found articles should be sent to the main office.

     MAILBOXES FOR STAFF - Each staff member has a mailbox at the main office.  Materials, messages and information will be relayed to you through your email or mailbox.

     ORDERING MATERIALS AND OBTAINING SUPPLIES - All staff members are asked to contact their department head for all supplies, such as pencils, chalk, poster paper, etc.   Staff members are not to place orders directly with vendors without their department chair’s approval.

     PARKING FOR STAFF - Staff parking is provided in the Community Education lot off of Lincoln. You can secure a parking permit hang tag from the Bookkeeper in the Main Office.

     SCHEDULE CHANGES - Students have the opportunity to correct or change their schedules by contacting their counselor at the beginning of each trimester.  A deadline for schedule changes will be published by the counseling department. Teachers should not make arrangements with a student to change his/her schedules.  The student should be directed to his or her counselor.

     SMOKING - State law prohibits smoking in any public school building or on school grounds.

     STUDENT GUESTS - Students may request to have a visitor accompany them to their classes.  A form, which requires the signature of both student’s parents and all teachers involved, must be obtained from the Assistant Principal’s office and returned at least 24 hours in advance. Arrangements cannot be made for visits during the first week of any trimester or the week before finals. The request must be accompanied by a note from both students’ parents and approved by an Assistant Principal. 

     SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS/STAFF ABSENCES – A substitute folder for each teacher is kept in the main office and is given to the substitute upon check-in.  Lesson plans and seating charts should also be accessible to substitutes.  This information should also be available to the department head in the event of an emergency.

     SUSPENSION –Suspension requires the student to be out of class for the number of day(s) specified by the administration. Students on suspension are not permitted to participate in any school activities before, during, or after school hours and may not be on school property until the suspension has been served.

    During debarment (one [1] day or less) or short-term suspension (up to ten [10] days), the student will be provided the course content (i.e. worksheets, handouts, assignments), except for notes and other information provided by the teacher during the class period that would be considered part of the in-class lesson. Any content that would have received a grade will not be graded; the ungraded content will not be averaged into the student’s final grade for the class.

    A student shall be given make-up privileges if a test or other major evaluation occurs during the time of the debarment or short-term suspension. Make-up privileges shall be extended for unit or chapter tests, term papers, projects, class presentations, etc.

    It shall be the responsibility of the student to contact each teacher for course content and/or to arrange for make-up privileges. BPS BOE Policies & Guidelines 5600

    SUPERVISION OF STUDENTS - A teacher is responsible for students assigned to him/her and should not leave a class unsupervised.  Students should be supervised from bell to bell.

     WORKMEN’S COMPENSATION INSURANCE - Our district carries this insurance.  In case of an accident during working hours, contact the principal’s office.