• The following list of jobs serve students as a resource only.  BPS does not screen or endorse individual postings.  Please contact potential employers directly.

    Employment Standards and Work Permits:

    Work Permits

    Work permit for student under the age of 16 years

    Work permit for student age 16 and 17 years

    Work permits MUST be completed in BLACK ink and returned to the Registrar (Ms. Henne). Permits will be completed by Registrar within 24 hours, unless I am away from the office, then it will be completed within 24 hours of my return.

     Minimum Wage Law:

     Current Youth minimum wage is:          $8.20/hour

    $3.67/hour for tipped employees.

    (TIPS Must = difference in min wage between $3.67 and $8.20 or employer MUST top you up to $8.20/hour)

     Jan 1, 2021

    Youth minimum wage increases to:      $8.39/hour

                                                                            $3.75/hour for tipped employees

                                                                            (Tip top up still applies up to $8.39/hour)


    Please review the list of work activities that you cannot perform as a youth employee for your own personal safety and view the websites below for more Teen Worker Health and Safety Information.


    If you have youth employment questions please see Ms. Henne.