Core Biology


    Tips for Being Successful in Biology 

    • Read all assigned textbook sections.
    • Read the objectives listed at the beginning of each section of the textbook.  Focus on these ideas as you read the chapter.
    • Complete all homework assignments on time.
    • Pay attention in class.  Ask questions when you don’t understand.
    • Make flash cards of important terminology and practice them on your own or with a friend.
    • Create a study group of biology students that you work well with.
    • Complete the online activities and practice quizzes on the textbook website.
    • Keep your extra credit binder organized and study the handouts in the binder.
    • Answer all review sheet questions before each test.  Save each review sheet to study from for the final exam.
    • Ask Mrs. Minoletti questions during X block or make an appointment to meet with her before or after school
Biology Textbook