Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Lisa Fields

The school social worker provides support to students who are experiencing difficulty in the areas of social interaction, behavior, and/or personal adjustment.  The social worker serves as a member of the special education evaluation team, which determines a student’s eligibility for special education services. The social worker is also a member of the Bingham Farms Response to Intervention Team, which creates plans of assistance for students who are in need of extra support in order to promote their educational success. The social worker works closely with students, parents, and school staff to ensure that all children learn.

School social work service may include individual, group, or whole class activities designed to teach social skills, problem solving, behavior management, and character education using a wide variety of strategies such as literature, games, team activities, role-plays and discussion. Social work service also includes consultation with parents and school staff in order to maximize student success with the school environment.