• Resource Room (LS) Guidelines and Expectations

    The following information is taken directly off my syllabus, which is reviewed with students at the start of each term.

    Learning Targets and Success Criteria

    Students have individual learning targets, based on their IEP goals, but these targets apply to everyone on a daily basis.

    Learning Target

    Use your personal organization system to figure out what needs to be done.

    List (at least) one learning target for your LS time today in your work log; evaluate your success at the end of the period.

    Read your IEP goals and accommodations; participate in probes and reflect on your progress.

    Your exit ticket is your completed work log.

    Success Criteria

    Work is completed on time, including accommodations.

    Target is set at the beginning of period and written on the work log.

    IEP goals are met within one year’s time.

    Work log is complete, including accounting for accommodations and goal work.


    1. If you listen to music, others must not be able to hear it. You must be able to hear your name being called over your music.
    2. Bring the materials you know you will need to class. You must plan ahead so you are not asking to leave class to get things.
    3. If you must have a conversation it should not be loud or disruptive.
    4. You must have an organization system for tracking assignments that can be checked during LS.
    5. Computers are for school work and any use of technology for a break must be approved by your teacher.
    6. All policies and procedures from the Groves Student Handbook must be followed.
    7. Eating a snack is fine, but you must clean up after yourself.
    8. One student at a time may leave class using the hallway pass.
    9. When you are taking a test for any class, you must turn your phone into your LS teacher.
    10. When you come to LS and it is not your LS hour, you must still follow LS rules and procedures


    Cell Phone/Electronics Policy

    • The only place you may charge your phone is at the Cell Phone Charging Station at the front of the room.
    • You may not use a cell phone or electronic device if you have missing assignments.
    • You are never allowed to use a cell phone or electronic device during assessments.
    • Cell phones and electronic devices are not allowed in the inner office.
    • No one should be able to hear your cell phone or electrponic device at any time.