I want you to pass Government!


  • In U.S. Government, we will be studying the political process within the United States. The course is designed to give the student a broad understanding of the American governmental and political system. Students will study the following areas: Constitutional underpinnings of the United States Government, political beliefs and behaviors, political parties, interest groups, institutions of the national government, public policy making and civil rights and civil liberties. The course fulfills the U.S. Government requirement.

    Unit Overview:

    Unit One - Citizenship & Rights

    • Introduction to Government
    • The Judiciary
    • Bill of Rights
    • Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

    Unit Two - Citizenship & Responsibilities

    • Political Ideology & Parties
    • Political Participation
    • Campaigns & Elections
    • Interest Groups & The Media

    Unit Three - Foundations of Democracy

    • The Constitution
    • Federalism
    • The Congress

    Unit Four - The Executive Branch

    • The Presidency
    • The Bureaucracy