PTA News

  • Books

    The Berkshire Bookstore is Open For Business!
    Get all of your school supply needs at the bookstore.  We're open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during lunch (11:15am - 12:30pm).  You'll find spirit wear, locker accessories and a wide variety of school supplies such as binders, paper, notebooks, highlighters, pens, pencils, erasers and more.    For any parent that would like to help out, please sign up at


  • Yearbook will have the best pictures ever!

    This year the yearbook is a club! As I was preparing to get ready to start the club, I quickly discovered that we were in desperate need of Cameras so I went to the PTA!  The PTA awarded a grant  to purchase 3 new cameras!

    PTA, I am truly grateful for your dedication to Berkshire and assuring that students and staff are always taken care of!

    Thanks to you, this years students will have the best memories ever of Berkshire Middle School!

    Thank you again,

    Ms. Garbutt
    Yearbook Club 

    Mr. Jackson's Class

        I received a grant for 60 Compasses to begin an orienteering/navigation unit in the seventh grade Geography class.  This will be helpful for making seventh grade Geography more in-line with relevant future careers. Thank you to the PTA for always putting our students first.

    Mr. Jackson
    7th Grade Social Studies Teacher

    Berkshire Wildcats Thank the PTA!

    Thank you to the PTA for their generous donation to help the Athletic Department. Your support is greatly appreciated!

    Mr. Bishop
    Berkshire AD

    PTA plants the seed!

    When the garden irrigation equipment fails, who are you going to call? The PTA of course!
    The PTA paid for a repair in the irrigation system for the Berkshire community garden keeping the soil at a perfect condition for the garden to grow and that it did this year!

    Thank you to the PTA and all those who did their part to make this years harvest successful!

    Ms. Lachowicz
    Master Gardener