• US History
    Vietnam Assignment

    Directions: Read the instructions below and answer the questions on a separate piece of paper, or e-mail me your assignment at solsen@birmingham.k12.mi.us .  This is a reflective assignment about the human toll of the Vietnam War.  I expect you to put your best effort into this assignment as a show of respect for all those who were injured or killed as a result of the Vietnam War.

    1.  Go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:TrangBang.jpg  and examine the picture.  These children were the victims of a napalm attack in Trang Bang, Vietnam on June 8, 1972.  This picture won a Pulitzer Prize for journalism- one of the highest awards a reporter can earn.  What makes this photo so compelling?

    2.  https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/regionals/west/2013/02/14/kim-phuc-girl-famous-vietnam-photo-talks-about-forgiveness/BrLEcMnoycAj90gHbCJPBJ/story.html

    Read the article, then describe Kim's life in the years following the napalm attack.  What does she do today?

    3.  Visit http://www.virtualwall.org/faces/index.html and read at least five of the profiles.  Write down the names of the profiles you read. I cannot make you appreciate or understand the sacrifices these men and women made, but I hope that by reading them, the stories will touch you in some way. 


    1. Go to https://dptv.pbslearningmedia.org/resource/7cbcbaa8-3b47-4d96-a957-72a6923ff7b8/the-soldiers-experience-in-vietnam/#.Wvmp2aLDNrM and listen to at least three of the soldiers tell their stories. Do these stories have anything in common? What is the value in listening to their stories? Write your response to these questions.


    1. You were assigned the name of a soldier. Read about the significance of bracelets worn by Americans during WWII at http://www.miafacts.org/bracelets.htm . Summarize the significance of the bracelet. Then find out the fate of the name you were assigned (you can use the Virtual Wall site from question 3).


    1. While you have been working in class, the teacher has been playing songs contemporary to the Vietnam era. Find a song that speaks to the war, either in favor of the war or in protest of the war. Write down a line or two from the song and write about how the lyrics relate to the Vietnam era. You may use a search engine to locate the lyrics of a song, but the interpretation of the lyrics must be in your own words. Some Vietnam era songs include Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival, what It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield, Eve of Destruction by Barry McGuire, and War by Edwin Starr.

    7. Your final part of this assignment is to write something about the Vietnam War.  What should you write?  That's up to you.  This is a personal reflection based upon everything we have studied, not just today but also over the course of this unit. Here are some points to ponder as you think about how you can respond: What did the Vietnam War mean to Americans? How did the Vietnam War change America? What should modern Americans know about the Vietnam era? What lessons should we learn from the Vietnam War? Why should we continue to teach Vietnam to schoolchildren?