Health Alerts

  • Public Health Fact Sheets

    • Step Throat / Scarlet Fever
    • Influenza (Flu)
    • Head Lice
    • Pinkeye
    • Chicken Pox
    • Infectious Mononucleosis
    • Impetigo
    • Fifth Disease
    • MRSA
    • Ringworm

    Fact Sheets about the above conditions, and many others, may be found on the Oakland County Health Department website.  If you see any symptoms or have any concerns, please contact your personal physician or the Oakland County Health Department via their website or call 800-848-5533.

    Visit Birmingham Public Schools - District Health and Wellness for additional information.

    West Nile Virus

    The BPS Buildings and Grounds department is following all precautionary and preventative measures to fight the spread of mosquitoes on school property. For more information about this virus and what you can do to protect your family, please visit the Oakland County Health Division.


    MRSA is a methillin-resistant staphylococcus skin infection that is spread through direct contact. It is always important to remind our students to practice good hygiene, particularly regular hand washing

    Our district schools are cleaned regularly with a broad-spectrum micro-organism killing solution that is effective against Staph aureus, including MRSA.

    Additional information about MRSA:

    Please be reassured that the well-being of your child is our number one priority.

    Head Lice

    If a case of head lice has identified it is not a cause for panic. It is cause to take action to prevent head lice and treat/remove any head lice or nits found on your child’s head.

    It is extremely important for you to check your child’s head TODAY. Please keep checking every 2 days until there are no head lice found for 10 consecutive days. Please review the fact sheet supplied by the Oakland County Health Department

    The best way to prevent transmission: 

    • Teach children not to share combs, brushes, hair ornaments, hats, caps, scarves, headsets, or any other personal headgear
    • Do not wear other people’s hats
    • Teach children to hang coats separately - placing hats and scarves inside coat/jacket sleeves
    • Conduct regular head checks of your child

    If head lice are found on your child:

    • Check others in the household for signs of head lice or nits. If found, complete remaining steps on all infested individuals
    • Remove nits from the head by combing. This is the most important lice control measure
    • Complete nit removal is time-consuming but is critical for successful treatment
    • Remove all of the lice and nits from the environment by washing or vacuuming
    • Perform daily head checks and remove nits for 3 weeks until head lice are gone. 

    For proper treatment, please contact your child’s physician, the health department, or

    A student can return to school once:

    • There has been treatment
    • Nits are ½ inch or more from the scalp
    • The student has been checked by the principal (designee)

    Head Lice Information from the Michigan Department of Community Health

    Other Health Information

    If your child has a physical or mental disability that may require accommodations within the school setting, please contact the main office to make an appointment with a counselor.