• Please ask me -  IN PERSON - only if you think I'm the best teacher to show case your talents as a student/person in a letter!

    • Once we've discussed it, write a few lines about each topic below and send them to me in an email

    • Be sure you have named me as a teacher/coach recommender on the Common App as soon as possible.

    • Please specify if you need your letter before the November 1st deadline.  My goal is to have all letters of recommendation completed by Field Day each year.




    1. What are you interested in studying in college and why?  This idea can be as simple as "English" to specifically "I want to be neurosurgeon."  If you're undecided, tell me why :)

    2. List what activities have you been committed to for 2+ years inside or outside of Seaholm?  (jobs, sports, clubs, your role at your religious institution, etc.) Why have you been committed to ONE of those for such a long time? 

    3. List any community service events that you've participated in.  Tell me about ONE community service activity that really resonated with you.