• Senior Seminar Video- https://youtu.be/gcLaS7IlbEQ

    Senior Year Video- https://youtu.be/UFA_QsI4rao

    Groves Baseball Seniors 2020 Presentation

    Upcoming Senior Celebrations!

    May 28, 2020:  Senior Celebration Video Honors Convocation at 6:00 pm.  Student awards and scholarships will be presented as well as a student speech and musical performance.

    May 31, 2020:   Senior Goodbye Parade at 1:00 pm for the Class of 2020 and their families.  Here's a link to this program:


    May 31, 2020: Senior Celebration Video Release for Class of 2020 at 4:00 pm with staff and student speech, musical performance and lots of well wishes.

    Dear Groves Families,

    We would once again like to extend our congratulations to all seniors during this momentous time. We hope you and your families enjoyed the bus distribution of your senior gifts and awards! Moving forward, we have made it a priority to continue the celebration of our seniors as best as we possibly can. Many seniors have expressed that they would appreciate a time to see their classmates and teachers as well as say a proper goodbye to the school that has been their home for the past four years. We are proud and excited to announce that this opportunity will take place! 

    This event, titled “Senior Goodbye Drive-Thru”, will be another recognition of the Groves Class of 2020. In this event, seniors and their family members will be allowed to drive through the school parking lot on a loop route to experience their special high school memories once more. This event is district-approved and will have members from both the Groves administration team and the Beverly Hills Police Department present. Your safety and security are of the utmost importance and we would like to assure you that various measures have been put in place to make this event safe and successful for all. Information and guidelines, as seen below, have been carefully developed in coordinance with district officials and the police department to ensure all necessary precautions are being taken.


    This event will take place on Sunday, May 31st at 1 pm, our originally planned graduation date.

    This event is for Groves High School Class of 2020 seniors and their families only.

    All vehicles must adhere to a 5 mph speed limit within the parking lot.

    Vehicles will only be allowed to enter the event through the 13 Mile entrance from west-bound Evergreen (vehicles will turn right into the parking lot).

    Vehicles will only be allowed to exit the parking lot onto west-bound Evergreen heading toward Lahser (vehicles will turn right onto 13 Mile).

    The Evergreen entrance to the school will not be accessible during this event.

    BHPD Police & Fire officers will be on-site to ensure the safety of all participants.

    Please reference the attached map for a visual of the route and location of safety and security resources.


    1. Seniors should wear either their cap & gown or another form of senior apparel (senior sweatshirt, varsity jacket, field day shirt, etc).

    2. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring personal protective equipment that they deem appropriate (masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc).

    3. All participants must stay inside of their vehicles during the entirety of the event.

    4. We encourage families to decorate their vehicles! Please do so before arriving.

    5. All seniors/families must abide by the “One Vehicle” Rule:

    • Only one vehicle will be allowed per family- students may attend alone or students may attend with other family members

    • To enter the event, the vehicle must have at least one senior with a cap & gown or another form of senior apparel (senior sweatshirt, varsity jacket, field day shirt, etc).

    6. This is a substance-free event for all participants (including alcohol, tobacco, drugs, vaping products, etc).

    7. Violation of any rules will be enforced by the district administration and the Beverly Hills Police Department.

    We hope that you are as excited about celebrating our seniors as we are! Please do not hesitate to reach out to either one of us; we would be more than happy to address any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have. We look forward to seeing you soon!  


    Nolan Kamoo & Kyla Hurns

    Wylie E. Groves High School 

    Senior Class Co-Presidents

    nolankamoo1@gmail.com, kylahurns@gmail.com