Freedom of Information Act

  • The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) offers anyone the right to request access to public documents or information. Within the Birmingham Public Schools, requests can be made to FOIA Coordinator, Lauren Mbereko.  

    Parties interested must file a Freedom of Information Act request in writing (emails accepted). In the request, please be as specific as possible detailing the information being sought.
    The request should be directed to:

    Lauren Mbereko
    FOIA Coordinator
    31301 Evergreen Road
    Beverly Hills, MI 48025

    Charges and Fees 

    The charge for retrieval of documents is based on an hourly rate of $15.06.  Copies are charged at $0.10 per copy. The first $20 of a fee must be waived for a person who is receiving public assistance or presents facts showing inability to pay because of indigency. Remittance for FOIA fees should be made payable to Birmingham Public Schools.  

    For more information regarding charges, processing time, etc., review Policy 8310 (Search 8310) of the Birmingham Public Schools Board of Education bylaws and policies.