Choice Hour Sign Up & Schedule Information

    Key things to know:

    • Choice Hour will run daily from 3:25-4:10pm.
    • Buses are AFTER Choice Hour and leave BCS at approx. 4:20pm

    Students are expected to participate in at least 3 days of choice hour but can stay for all 5 for an additional cost. No one will be precluded for financial matters. Students who plan to take the bus must be enrolled in a choice hour.

    Quarter III 2021-2022 

    January 18, 2022 - April 7, 2022
    Sign up was due Friday, January 14 at 11:59pm!

    How to Sign Up - Late Submissions

    Use the google form to sign up while referencing the course guide. Late submissions are still be accepted. Follow the links below:

    How to Pay

    • Three days of Choice Hour are required and offered at NO CHARGE.
    • A 4th day is $55 for the quarter.
    • A 5th day is $55 for the quarter. Students staying 5 days, owe $110 total.
    • Payment Options: Cash, Check, or eFunds electronic payment.

    If there are financial needs, call Dr. Hakim or Mr. Hill.  Confidential arrangements will be made.  No child will be excluded from a fee class for financial reasons. 

    Special Notes:
    Competitive Sports: Students interested in competing in one of the Winter II sports must also be enrolled in choice hour. Sports are 2 of a student's 3 days of choice hour selections. Please refer to the Athletics Page of the website for sports information, schedules, and follow instructions to complete athletic registration in addition to signing up for choice hour.

    Continuing Classes: Please note that some of our clubs/teams are continuing for second quarter and are only open to currently enrolled students (Science Olympiad, Math Pentathlon etc). This is indicated in the course booklet.

    Choice Hour Schedules

    • Schedules will be posted on the choice hour board, handed out in homerooms on Tuesday 1/18, and published electronically on Monday, January 17. 
    • Students can drop through Friday, January 28 and still receive a refund.
    • Late adds and changes will be accepted through Friday, January 28 and take affect on Monday, January 31.

    Quarter II 2021-2022 

    November 3, 2021 - January 13, 2022

    Student Schedules:

    You can find your student's choice hour selections here: Master List of Student Choice Hour Schedules by Student ID  

    If your child can’t attend the required number of days, then you need to apply for a Choice Hour Waiver. 

    Questions? Email BCSChoicehour@birmingham.k12.mi.us