• Choice Hour Packets and Sign Up Form

    2020-2021 Quarter III
    January 19, 2021 - April 23, 2021

    Choice Hour - All Virtual for Quarter III

    Quarter III Choice Hour will run virtually and begins Tuesday, January 19th. 
    Key things to know:
    • Sign up was due by Wednesday, January 13 at 11:59pm. 
      • Do you still need to sign up for Choice Hour? Or is your student's choice hour schedule not listed on the master schedule?
        • Students can still sign up for Choice Hour, however, registrations received after January 15 will be processed late and those students can start attending on Monday, January 25. You can find the choice hour descriptions and sign-up forms at the bottom of this page.
    • Choice Hour will run virtually from 3:25-4:10pm daily. 
    • Students who are returning in person: Students are urged to sign up on the days they are NOT in school as participating virtually at 3:25pm will be difficult when traveling home. 
      • M/W students should plan to take Choice Hours on T/Th/F
      • T/Th students should plan to take Choice Hours on M/W/F
    • All Virtual Students can take choice hour on any day
    • Classes will mostly be synchronous, however, there will be some asynchronous offerings as well. 
    • The schedules for Quarter III will be available electronically on Monday, January 18th

    Special Notes:

    Asynchronous Courses: Some courses are marked as asynchronous. These students will still have the option to join a zoom in order to collaborate with other students who are enrolled in the class. The zoom will be run by a facilitator but the content will be provided asynchronously by the instructor, the facilitator will just be overseeing the zoom not teaching the content. 

    Competitive Sports: Students interested in competing in one of the Winter II sports must also be enrolled in choice hour. Sports are 2 of a student's 3 days of choice hour selections. Right now we do not have information on whether these sports will run but we ask that you sign up for Choice Hour to express interest in the competitve teams. 

    • Girls Volleyball - will take place on Tuesday and Thursdays. Other practices will be offered and information will be posted on the Athletics page of the website. 
    • Boys Swimming - Students planning to swim will be asked to elect this on their choice hour form. Students should sign up for the two days that they attend school.

    Continuing Classes: Make sure you read the booklets carefully and sign up for continuing classes if necessary (Science Olympiad, Debate, etc)

    Choice Hour Schedules

    • Schedules will be released on Monday, January 18, 2021 electronically. Students and parents will need to have their student’s ID number in order to locate their Choice Hour schedule on the electronic spreadsheet. 
    • There will not be a change period for this quarter. 
    • Students can drop through Monday, January 25, 2021 and receive a refund. 
    • Late adds will be accepted through Monday, January 25. 
    • Choice Hour Drop/Add Form (only fill out for an add if you signed up by the deadline. If you still need to submit an initial sign up, use the forms below)

    Quarter III Choice Hour Booklet & Sign Ups

    All Grade Course Booklet

    This booklet outlines the classes for ALL GRADES. Please pay special attention to the grade levels for each class. 

    3/4 Quarter III Choice Hour Sign Up Form

    5/6 Quarter III Choice Hour Sign Up Form

    7/8 Quarter III Choice Hour Sign Up Form


    What should I do if my child can’t attend the required number of days?

    If your child can’t attend the required number of days, then you need to apply for a Choice Hour Waiver.