• Placement of Students In Choice Hour Classes

    There are many Choice Hour classes that are extremely popular with the BCS student population.  Choice Hour classes are not assigned on a first come, first served basis.  In order to give all students who complete their online Choice Hour selections on or before the designated deadline fair and equal opportunities for classes, the following steps are taken each quarter:

    1. All students who complete their selections on or before the due date are initially given their first choice for all days requested.

    2. Any class that goes over the maximum number of students goes to a lottery.

    3. Students who did not make the lottery are given their second or third choice, depending on class availability.  A very small percentage of students are given their fourth or fifth choice, depending on availability.

    4. Students who attended a lottery class the previous quarter are automatically excluded from the lottery process and given another choice. This is done so that as many students as possible have the opportunity to attend these lottery classes.

    5. Students who did not give three or more choices on their selection sheets will have their class selected for them.

    Placing students in Choice Hour classes is a very time consuming process.  Your cooperation is extremely important in helping make this process as fair as possible.  Thank you for your support.