Birbery 2017: Birmingham's Mock Newbery Award

  • After only one round of voting, the Birbery Committee members named The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle by Janet Fox the 2017 Birbery Award winner! Birbery Honors were given to All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook by Leslie Connor and The Secret Keepers by Trenton Lee Stewart.

                          Birbery Award - Charmed Children          Birbery Honor - All Rise        Birbery Honor - Secret Keepers

  • BIRBERY 2017



    Book Checkout

    Q: How many Birbery books can I check out at one time?
    A: One

    Q: How long can have the book?
    A: Two weeks. If you have any overdues or fines on your library account, you’ll need to take care of those before you check out a Birbery book. Sorry, there are no holds on Birbery titles.

    Q: Can I renew a Birbery Book?
    A: No. Birbery books need to be returned by their due date, but you may check out the same title after the book has been returned for two full class periods. If it is still available after that time, you may check it out again. 

    Q: What happens if my Birbery book is overdue?
    A: You will be charged $.10 a day for overdue Birbery titles, max. $2.00.  

    Q: Can I get the books from another provider such as Amazon, Kindle, the public library, etc?
    A: Yes, you are not required to check them out through the school library.

    Q: If I have an Audible account or can locate an audiobook version, is that cheating?
    A: No. Listen away! 


    Book Reviews

    Book Review Guidelines

    Birbery submissions have ended. Thank you to the students who participated!


    Bookmark Stickers

    Q: How do I get a sticker for my bookmark?
    A: Read the book, write a quality review, come to the library to pick up sticker.

    Q: Do I need to print out my review to get the sticker?
    A: No. Stickers are handed out on the honor system.

    Birbery finale celebration after school 

    Q: How do I get invited to the Birbery celebration?
    A: Read 5 or more books. Write a review for each book. RSVP that you plan to attend. Attend two Birbery activities during lunch rec. The party usually consists of peperoni pizza from Jets, salad, and ice cream for dessert.

    Q: When will the party be held?
    A: We are working on a tentative date of Tuesday, March 7th from 3:20-5:15pm. 

    Official Birbery Committee

    Q: How do I earn a spot on the official Birbery Committee?
    A: Read all 10 books, write 10 quality reviews, attend two lunch rec activities, and be one of the top 5 scoring participants in the quiz bowl.

    Q: What are the perks of being on the committee?
    A: You will be picked up by limo and transported to the Baldwin library for lunch. Once there, you will discuss the books with the committee members from the other middle schools. You will represent our school when voting for the one book that you believe should win the Birbery award.

    Q: If I read all 10 books, will I be forced to compete for a spot on the committee?
    A: No. If you want to be on the committee, then you have to compete for a spot. However, If you are content with simply gathering stickers and being invited to attend the finale celebration, then that’s awesome, too!

    Birbery Quiz Bowl

    Q: How will the quiz bowl competition be structured?
    A: The structure of the quiz bowl depends on the number of qualified participants.

    Q: Will the competition be done by grade level?
    A: No, all eligible students will compete at one time.

    Q: What can I expect the questions to be like?
    A: The quiz bowl is tough! Ten questions from each book will be placed in a hopper and selected at random. The questions may be rather obscure, so if you plan on competing for a spot, you'll need to know the books quite well.  

  • Birbery 2017 Dates To Remember
    Visit the library for more information. We have some great books!
    Here are the important dates:
    • December 16th ► Book checkout at 7:45 am
    • December 16th - February 27th ► Read and write reviews
    • January 18th ► Bookclub meeting (1 of 4)
    • January 23rd  ► Newbery Winner Announcement
    • February 1st ► Bookclub meeting (2 of 4)
    • February 8th ►Bookclub meeting (3 of 4)
    • February 15th ►Bookclub meeting (4 of 4)
    • February 27th ► Last day to meet program requirements. Review link will be removed at 8:15am. 
    • March (TBD) ► Vote for Derby's favorite Birbery book
    • March 7th  Quiz bowl and Birbery finale celebration after school (3:20-5:15)
    • March 7th ► Five Committee members selected after quiz bowl results
    • March 10th ► Birbery Committee members from 3 schools meet at Baldwin
  • The contenders for Birbery 2017 are...

     It Ain't So Awful, Falafel  

    All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook

    The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle

    Freedom Over Me




    Secret Keepers

    Wild Robot

    Wolf Hollow