Career Development is for a life-time:

    • Develop an active approach to your career future.
    • Conduct a self-assessment of your interests, skills, values, needs and personality. This will be the foundation for you to identify conditions and opportunities that will satisfy you. Reevaluate when necessary.
    • Locate and investigate reliable career information. The more you know the more secure you will be.
    • Learn good job-search skills. Build a network of contacts and prepare yourself for changes.



    Career Exploration Opportunities and Resources

    Completing Xello, considered an Education Development Plan (EDP), is a State of Michigan requirement for graduation.

    Xello is college & career planning software.

    Here is a Xello information and instructional sheet - click on link - Xello Info & Instruction.


    EDP/Xello Information - Career Exploration

    Student EDPs are in Xello (college & career planning software)

    Student Xello Instruction Sheets are listed below.

    Xello Student Instruction Sheet - 12th grade

    Xello Student Instruction Sheet - 11th grade

    Xello Student Instruction Sheet - 10th grade

    Xello Student Instruction Sheet - 9th grade


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    Resources from Junior Achievement for Career Development - http://www.jamichigan.org/highschool topics like Entrepreneurship, Sales speeches, interviewing, elevator speeches. 

    Engineering: https://tryengineering.org/



    If you apply for a job you will want to construct a resume allowing your employer to discover your skills and abilities.  Attached a sample resume below however you can customize your resume to reflect yourself so be sure to use it simply as a guide.

    Sample Resume

    Students can create a resume in the Resume Builder in Xello.


    Cover Letter

    It is often good practice to attach a cover letter to your resume when submitting an application.  The link below offers a sample cover letter but again, be sure to individualize it to your specific job and your skills.

    Sample Cover Letter


    Career Exploration in Engineering:
    Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAPCEP) is a non-profit organization who partners with area universities to connect youth to science, technology, engineering and math education experiences. Programs take place during the summer and also during the year on weekends.  Visit www.dapcep.org/programs for details.  


    Interested in exploring your career path beyond Xello

    Careerstart: https://www.careeronestop.org/Tookit/Skills/skills-matcher.aspx

    O*NET Interest Profiler: https://www.mynextmove.org/explore/ip

    O*NET Online: https://www.onetonline.org/


    Interested in Apprenticeships

    Skilled Trades in Michigan:  https://www.going-pro.com/

    Michigan Apprenticeships: https://miapprenticeship.org/

    General Information: https://mitalent.org/apprenticeships

    Michigan Works!:  https://www.michiganworks.org/job-seekers