Class Projects -- 7/8 LA 1950s





    Everyone will need to register for a new NoodleTools account to begin:
    1. Start by signing into your BPS Google account on your browser.
    2.  Access NoodleTools through ClassLink.
    3.  Click “Sign In / Register” with GOOGLE.  You’re in!
    Setting Up Your Project the First Time:
    1.  One partner in your group:  Click on Projects and create a New Project.  Call it 1950s Research.
    2.  For Citation style, choose “MLA.”  For Citation level, choose “Junior.”
    3.  Go to the Student Collaboration section and click on +Add Students.  Add in the username of your partner(s) to share this project with them.  Click “Done” to complete.

    Some tips for using NoodleTools:

    • When you research, log in to NoodleTools first and keep it open in its own tab.
    • Find the tabs on the top of the NoodleTools browser window.  
    • Create citations in the Sources tab.  
    • Take notes in the Notecards tab. 
    • Cite your source first, then take the note!
    • Databases will often let you Export a citation straight to NoodleTools.
    • You will often need to cite websites or books yourself.  (Many credible websites will post specifics on how they want to be cited.)
    (Password for home use is our school mascot.)
    This database has entire reference books on your topic.  It is recommended that you use this resource first!
    1.  Begin by searching with the keyword "1950s". 
    2.  Next, browse within the reference volumes by clicking on the publication titles (on the right side of the search results screen). 
    3.  Recommended publications are:
    • UXL American Decades
    • Bowling, Beatniks, and Bell-bottoms
    • Fashion, Costume, and Culture 

    4.  Your best bet is to browse within these publications, rather than search for specific topics.  You need to READ!

    5.  Cite your sources from within the articles or chapters using the Citiation Tools.  You can export your citations directly to NoodleTools -- just make sure that you are logged into NoodleTools first!


    Explora Middle School
    Use this link at home or offsite

    1.  Search for specific topics you would like to know more about, such as "Cold War" or "Brown vs. Board."  

    2.  Within your search results, narrow by publication type -- Reference, Images, Video, etc.

    3.  Cite all articles and images.  You will have to manually input your citation on NoodleTools, but you can use the MLA citation on Explora as a guide.


    Britannica School Edition


    This resource may be useful for gathering images or reading general articles on specific topics (for example: McCarthyism, Civil Rights Movement).


    Recommended Websites

    (Use the tabs along the top of the article to browse topics)
    (Scroll to numbers 53 & 54)

Video #1: How to create your NoodleTools account & start a project

Video #2: How to access the best resources for this project using GVRL

Video #3: How to use NoodleTools to cite your sources and take notes

Video #4: More details on using NoodleTools (skip ahead to 1:26 for notecard details, skip ahead to 3:00 for using piles, skip to 3:23 for how to outline)