Senior Year! Yearbook Deadlines!

  • 2020 Seniors! Yearbook Info!


    We’ve highlighted the best parts for you! It’s a boatload of information!

    Senior Pictures: Due Friday, November 15, 2019

        • We recommend using Prestige Portraits for your senior portrait. Prestige has our requirements, ensures our deadline and supports Seaholm by returning a portion of their revenue back to Seaholm. They will also schedule a yearbook-only session for a very minimal cost. You will probably receive separate informational mailings from them as well. Even better, get it done in the summer! See attached flyer from Prestige for locations!
    • Deadline to be photographed by Prestige is October 19, 2019
      • Senior Pictures can be taken through your choice of photographer, as long as they meet the yearbook requirements attached in the mailing.
      • NEW THIS YEAR: UPLOAD your senior portrait to the following link or scan the QR code:  by Friday, November 15, 2019.
      • ** If you do not submit a portrait to us, your student’s registration photo will be used. This is the photo that appears on their student id card.**

     Kindergarten pictures: Due by November 15, 2019

     Additional Senior request: Editors like to do pages with the senior’s kindergarten pictures also! If you would like your student’s kindergarten picture included, please UPLOAD TO or scan the QR code:   

     Due by November 15, 2019.

    Senior Ads: Due Friday, November 15, 2019  For Early Discount


     No ads will be accepted after January 17, 2020.

    Buying a Yearbook: Pre-Buy before Registration for a discount

     Save $15 and order your book before registration on Jostens website for only $60!

     Still have questions?  

    Contact Barb Slatin, Yearbook Adviser at


    Seaholm Piper Yearbook Senior Portrait Specs

    If you are not using Prestige,give to your photographer: DEADLINE FOR PHOTO UPLOAD IS NOVEMBER 15, 2019!


    Required Specifications:

      • Color portrait required
      • Head and shoulder pose only (bottom of the photo is cropped at about the armpit)
      • No strapless tops for girls - since we crop at the armpit, it looks bad
      • Background: Traditional, dark blue
      • No white backgrounds and no outdoor shots
      • Plain background using a subdued, basic color preferred. Try to stay away from clouds, designs, etc.
      • No nature backgrounds, bricks, trees, etc. No colors like red, purple, bright green as the background
      • No props. No hands in the photo
      • No names on the photos in the head/shoulder area


    • Head size 1 inch (top of head to the bottom of chin)
    • Finished portrait size: 2” x 1.5” total square



    Digital submission preferred, 300 resolution or better. Jpg format CD submission must be dropped off at the Seaholm main office.

    Photographers UPLOAD HERE:

    Or here:

    Senior Ads for the Yearbook

    90% of seniors will buy a 2020 yearbook. Buy a senior ad to congratulate their success! Ads are offered in many different sizes to fit everyone’s budget. Discounts apply for early ad submission! All ads are full color.


    Option 1: Design your own senior ad online

    Go to *This gives you the option to pay with a credit card. Search: Seaholm High school. Select: Buy Yearbook Ad. Follow further purchasing instructions.


    Option 2: The Piper Staff will design your senior ad  for a fee of $15

    Send us the photos and text you would like and we will design an ad for you. See price chart on right for discounted pricing. Email all of your photos and text to


    Option 3: Design your own ad and send it to us as a JPEG or PDF to


    Ad sizes are based on an 8 ½” by 11” full page.


    Please email if you have any questions!


    Please print the information below:

    Name of Student:_________________________________________ Parent Name: ________________________________


    City, Zip:______________________________________________________

    Phone, Email:__________________________________________________

    Your Name:____________________________________________________


    Would you like the Piper staff to design your ad? YES or NO


    Please make checks payable to Seaholm High School. Payment required to secure discounted rates!

    Size of Ad:_____________________ Cost:____________________________


    Discount Ad Deadline:


    Full Price Ad Deadline:

    11/16/19 - 1/17/20 (Full Price)

    ⅛ = $75

    ⅛= $125

    ¼= $125

    ¼= $175

    ½= $200

    ½= $250

    Full= $350

    Full= $400

    *Prices on chart reflect discount