• Winter I 2021 Athletics Registration is now Open for:

    Girls Swim

    Boys Basketball

    Boys IM Basketball

    Please submit a current physical to the BCS Office.  Current physicals submitted need to be dated April 15, 2021 or later.  

    Per the MHSAA, indoor sports players, coaches and spectators need to be masked.  

    Extra-Curricular and School Sports Programs

    UPDATE: 6th graders are allowed to be full members of any team or individual sport at BCS.  Sixth grade students may be on the roster, but no 7th or 8th grade student will be cut to make room for a 6th grade student.

    At BCS, our athletic program is an extension of and integral to the total educational program. The program offers each student an opportunity for self-growth, development of physical skills, fitness, sportsmanship, team work and the satisfaction found in competition. Our program builds character though positive and meaningful experiences that develop the "whole" student-athlete. We encourage broad participation in all athletics. We feel there is much to be gained by being a member of the team, by belonging to a group, by following all the rules and regulations of that group, and by being identified as one of our BCS Student Athletes. Athletics can be one of the most rewarding aspects of a student's education.

    See the Athletic Registration page for registration and participation details and forms.

    BCS Athletic Schedules may be found at


    There will be No Buses for athletes to away competitions.  BCS families will need to provide transportation for their student athlete(s) to all competitions not on BCS property.

    6 - 8 Grade Athletics Update

    In an effort to ensure that student-athletes receive the appropriate professional attention for head injuries, the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA), will begin to provide student athletes with additional insurance that is intended to pay accident medical benefits resulting from a suspected concussion when participating in MHSAA covered activities.  Please see the following links/documents for more details.

    Coverage Explanation Letter from MHSAA

    Letter with Instructions on How to File a Claim

  • Athletic Seasons

    Athletic Seasons

    Our interscholastic sports program for middle schools students is broken into four athletic seasons. The seasons closely run approximately the length of each card marking.

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  • Fall Season - Quarter I

    Boys Soccer, Girls Basketball, and Boys and Girls Cross Country are offered during the Fall Sports Season. The Fall Sports Season closely runs the length of the First Quarter Marking Period

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  • Winter I Season - Quarter 2

    Boys Basketball, Boys Intramural Basketball, and Girls Swimming are offered during the Winter I Sports Season. The Winter I Sports Season closely runs the length of the Second Quarter Marking Period

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  • Winter II Season - Quarter 3

    Girls Volleyball and Boys Swimming are offered during the Winter II Sports Season. The Winter II Sports Season closely runs the length of the Third Quarter Marking Period.

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  • Spring Season - Quarter 4

    Girls Soccer, Boys and Girls Track and Field, and Boys Tennis are offered during the Spring Sports Season. The Spring Sports Season runs closely with the Fourth Quarter Marking Period.

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