• Web Help Desk User’s Guide

    Using the Web Help Desk

    Using any web browser, go to http://helpdesk.birmingham.k12.mi.us and log in. This system uses the same login that you use for your computer and email. The password will change when you change your computer/email password.

    Once you login, you will see the Help Request Page (see below). Fill out this form and click the Save button in the lower right, and your ticket will be submitted. When you make selections from the drop down menus, other options may appear.

    Web Help Desk Client Interface Screenshot

    The request types available may change over time as trends develop and they are adjusted to provide a more efficient workflow. Make the best selection you can. Please note that some of the request types will then prompt you for a secondary type. Be sure to complete this, or you won’t be able to submit your ticket.

    For all tickets, please enter as much request detail as possible in the space provided. Include especially any troubleshooting steps you may have taken before opening the call. Note that the less information you provide here, the more likely it is that you will receive a follow-up call from the Help Desk or your TOA requesting more detail in order to assist you properly.

    The “Carbon Copy” field allows you to send a copy of your Help Request to another person, outside of the Technology Services department. This could be a co-worker, supervisor, or anyone else you wish to keep informed. Your TOA will automatically receive your ticket; so, please do not include them in the Cc: field. If you opt to enter an email address in this field, be sure to select the “Enabled” check box to the right before clicking “Save”.

    Attachments – Web Help Desk allows you to easily attach screen shots, documents, or anything else that you feel will assist us in resolving your issue.

    Location is a required field, and it need not be your actual classroom/office location. If you’re putting in a help request for an issue in a lab, simply select the building and enter the room number.

    Other Options in Web Help Desk

    Along the top of the Web Help Desk screen is a series of tabs (see below). Each of these allows you access to different parts of the Web Help Desk system, as described below.

    Web Help Desk Client Header Screenshot

    Request – This is the screen described above, which allows you to enter a Help Request Ticket.

    History – This brings you to a screen where you can see a history of all of your Request Tickets, both open and closed. You can access any of your open tickets, and add note to them if you wish, by clicking on the number of the ticket (see image, below), and then clicking on the “Add Note” button at the bottom right. Just like when opening a new ticket, you have the option to add an attachment, and to add an email address to be notified outside of Technology Services. When finished updating, just click “Save”.

    Web Help Desk Client History Screenshot

    FAQs – Brings you to the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Web Help Desk system. You can search through the questions by entering a keyword such as “email” or “printer” and the system will find all of the question/answer combinations that include this keyword. If there is a question that you have which is not answered in this section, please feel free to suggest it to us. This section is frequently updated.

    Messages – The Web Help Desk system allows technicians to communicate with you directly via the system. If you see an indicator next to the Messages button, this means you have a message in the system. Simply click the button to read.

    Profile – This is the profile for you in the Web Help Desk system. It will have your name, email address, extension, department, building and room number. If any information in this system is incorrect, please contact Technology Services.

    Logout – This button allows you to exit the system. If you don’t log out, the system will automatically log you out after 30 minutes of inactivity.