Walk Out Video Information

  • Dear 8th Grade Families,

    The videotaping for the 8th Grade Walk-Out is scheduled for Thursday, May 12, 2022 at 1pm. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this BCS tradition, all 8th grade students are videoed exiting from the front doors of BCS with their classmates. Groups can coordinate a themed t-shirts (like BCS gear) or the like and/or some simple props to accompany their walk out. Then, the video is shown at the 8th grade celebration.

    Academic lab teachers will review the process of the walkout with their students, though please take some time to discuss the following with your 8th grade child prior to the taping:

    Adherence to BCS Dress Code is required! Please take a moment to review the dress code with your child.


    Please help your child to remember:
    •    All skin and undergarments between your shirt and pants/shorts/skirt must be covered completely.
    •    Apparel advertising inappropriate content including, but not limited to, controlled substances (including drugs and alcohol) or displaying sexual innuendo or a violent theme are NOT permitted.
    •    Shorts/skirts must be below your fingertips when arms are extended toward the floor, flat to the sides of the body.
    •    Tank tops must have straps at least 2 fingers in width and must not expose undergarments or excessive skin. Strapless garments are NOT permitted.

    Students may "walk-out" in groups of 2 to 6 friends. While we do like to empower our students to manage this process, "choosing” friends can sometimes create some worry for a student. Our academic lab teachers will support students in the process.  If you think it would help, feel free to talk to your child about coming up with a plan for a group of his/her classmates that does not exclude other classmates. For example, if a group of 8 friends are inseparable, suggest they split into smaller groups of 4. Remember, the walk-out is intended to be fun and lasts less than a minute per group.  If your child needs some support in finding a group, please feel free to contact your child’s academic lab teacher or any one of us. 

    Thank you for supporting this fun experience for our 8th graders as they finish their BCS career strong and celebratory.

    The 7/8 Team