Engineering Technology

  • "Students become critical thinkers and innovative team players"

    The Engineering Technology Program enables students to become critical thinkers and innovative team players by solving problems using a range of today’s dynamic technologies. Working in state of the art facilities, students are engaged in project based learning activities as they apply principles of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to meet the practical demands of design and product development. Students develop the knowledge and skills needed to function in an increasingly technological society and to understand how the world around us works. Grade level appropriate projects are designed, built and tested by all of the students in their Engineering Tech. class. The projects selected are determined by their relevance to the core academic curriculum units and by their grade/team level themes for the year. Students work in collaborative groups on their open-ended projects, deriving multiple solutions of various levels of difficulty.

    Technology is the application of knowledge, tools, and skills to solve problems and to extend human capabilities. (Commonly known by its products and their effect on society)

    Engineering Technology is the practical application of scientific and mathematical principles to practical ends such as design, manufacturing, structures and operations of efficient and economical machines, systems and processes (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language).

    Program Goals

    • Develop the knowledge and skills needed to function in an increasingly technological society.
    • Foster the student’s creative and critical thinking skills.
    • Explore technology’s impact on our global society and environment – past, present, and future.
    • Develop an appreciation for diversity through both team and individual effort.
    • Foster an understanding of safe ethical behavior.
    • Use the design process with the practical applications of math and sciences in solving problems.
    • Foster pride through creative expression.
    • Develop an awareness of careers related to Engineering Technology.
    • Reinforce and extend communication skills, visual, written, and verbal.
    Below are the last two videos of the 3rd & 4th Grade Electric Vehicle Mass Production Project. This is an interdisciplinary, project-based learning experience that students create collaboratively across all grade levels spearheaded by the 3/4 students.