• "Providing support for students who have unique and differing needs."

    Instructional Specialist and Reading Support

    BCS offers many supplemental and advanced opportunities for students through the instruction department. Working alongside staff to enhance differentiation that is happening within the classroom, as well as supply student support outside the class, the Instructional Specialist and Reading Support team, along with the counseling staff, continually evaluate student performance to ensure necessary support and enrichment is available.

    Learning Resource Center (LRC)

    Birmingham Covington School Special Services Department provides support for students who have unique and differing educational, emotional and social needs as identified by an IEP Team. Our support services focus on individualized instruction and educational support, as well as the development of self-advocacy and time management skills to support each student achieving their individual educational potential. We help students to better understand their individual learning styles and needs and teach them strategies to help compensate.

    Our department functions as an integrated model and our roles include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Participate actively as a team member
    • Participate in a structured team problem-solving
    • Support students’ participation in general curriculum
    • Modify and accommodate general education curriculum
    • Collaborate with the general education teacher in differentiating the curriculum and learning environment
    • Provide general education teachers with information about the students’ unique educational needs
    • Collaborate with colleagues to adopt school policies that promote positive behavior supports for all students
    • Implement strategies that promote independence and socialization in all students
    • Provide specialized instructional support in critical skill areas as directed by the IEP