Thinkering Studio

  • "Thinkering Studio is a collaborative space/class/studio for students to inquire, design and create."


    Thinkering Studio

    Design, Make, Remix, Hack, Create, Build, Program, Craft, Etc.

    Thinkering Studio is a collaborative space/class/studio for students to:

    • explore questions, challenges, topics or technologies of interest, at their own pace, and in directions of their choosing
    • collaborate informally and formally, in person and electronically, synchronously and asynchronously
    • plan and reflect on their creations, processes, successes, difficulties, and learning through a multimodal journal and portfolio
    • create footsteps, examples, resources, or other artifacts for themselves and others who might follow
    • integrate technology as appropriate
    • curriculum is based on an individualized, project-based learning approach (think 3M, Bell Labs, Google's 20% time, Apple's Blue Sky Program, etc.) 

    Learn more about Thinkering Studio here.