BCS Enrollment Info

  • School tours

     Please contact Courtney Bassett at cbassett@birmingham.k12.mi.us  for more information. 

    Enrollment and new student registration

    For further information regarding the BCS enrollment process, visit the How to Apply to BCS - Enrollment page.

    Lottery and Waitlist information

    In the event that registrations at a grade level exceed the spaces available, a public lottery is held. Results of the lottery are published as the BCS Waitlist. Contact Sylvia Sardy at 248.203.3089 if you have questions. The Lottery for the 2023 -2024 school year was held on January 18th, 2023.

    Learn more about the BCS enrollment process.  

    Applications to be added to the waitlist are online only. f an application is filled out after the lottery, your name will go to the bottom of the waitlist in the grade you are applying for. WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING ANYMORE APPLICATIONS AT THIS TIME. OUR WAITLISTS ARE FULL.
    The BCS Waitlist for the 2023-2024 school year is now posted and will be updated as movement occurs.
    If your number is next and an opening occurs, you will receive an email stating that there is spot for your child and you will have 48 hours to accept or decline that spot. 

BCS 2023 - 2024 Waitlist

  • The numbers below indicate a starting number for each grade and an ending number. All numbers in between are still valid, just not shown.
    The grades 4-8 waitlists begin at 1. 

    Last updated: May 31, 2023

    Third grade 

    Waitlist from lottery: 164-178

    Fourth grade 

    Waitlist from lottery: 6 - 53

    Fifth grade

    Waitlist from lottery: 1 - 46

    Sixth grade

    Waitlist from lottery:8 - 35

    Seventh grade

    Waitlist from lottery: 1 - 12

    Eighth grade

    Waitlist from lottery:    
    Waitlist after Lottery: 7

    As noted, all numbers in the range listed above are included on the list.