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    Posted by Shannon Peters on 8/21/2017 3:05:00 AM

    Important Information: 

    • Everyday, please complete a ClearScreen for your student so they may enter the building and are not late to class.

    • Please remember that if your child is sick or absent, you must call the absence into the office or email Mrs. Reilly or myself.
    • Should you need something or have a question that needs my attention, please feel free to email me at speters@birmingham.k12.mi.us.


    • We are conntinuing unit 6 (out last unit) where we will practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions and decimals that are in word problems.


    • Please make sure your child is completing xtramath.com at least 3 times a week. The sooner the students learn their basic facts the sooner they can begin to worry more about a concept rather then their times tables, and math will be much less stressful for them. I have put xtramath on the math page and given each student in my math class an account. They can also practice using flashcards if they are getting too much screen time.


    • READING/WRITING: We are continuing our fantasy book clubs, the students have agreed on a number of pages to read everynight and have discussions during class about the setting, characters, and fantasy elements found in their book. In writing, we are creating settings, characters and fantasy elements that we will incorporate into their story.
    • WORD WORK:No more word work this year! Your kids did great and learned many Greek and Latin words that will help them with their vocabulary in years to come.
    • Please make sure that your student always has a book to read. They can have a book, use Kindle, or go on Getepic.com to find a book. I would like students to read both chapter books and non fiction books.


    Social Studies:

    • The kids are going to create a comic strip that shows their knowledge about the Causes of the Revolutionary War, Loyalists/Patriots, Revolutionary War, and the Constitution.
    • Mrs. Crooks is now the student's science teacher. If you have questions about science please contact her at jcrooks@birmingham.k12.mi.us


    Important Dates:

    • May 31 - Memorial Day
    • June 2nd- Field Day
    • June 8 - Tree Runner field trip for 5th graders
    • June 10- Graduation ceremony 2:00
    • June 11-1/2 day (last day of school)



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