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    Posted by Shannon Peters on 8/21/2017 3:05:00 AM

    Important Information: 

    • Remind your students to read for our March Madness competition. The first recording will be handed out Friday, March 13 and will be due on Tuesday, March 17th when they walk into school.
    • On this page, you will find the information for the goings on in my specific classes. If your child has another fifth grade teacher for a particular subject, please see that teacher’s page for information. Or email them at DBrownrigg@birmingham.k12.mi.us, GHaines@birmingham.k12.mi.us or JCrooks@birmingham.k12.mi.us.
    • Should you need something or have a question that needs my attention, please feel free to email me at speters@birmingham.k12.mi.us.


    • We will skip to chapter 7 for our next unit. We will begin to learn how to write and evaluate expressions. You may know this as "Order of Operations"
    • Please make sure your child is completing xtramath.com at least 3 times a week. The sooner the students learn their basic facts the sooner they can begin to worry more about a concept rather then their times tables, and math will be much less stressful for them.


    • We will be starting non-fiction books. We will start by learning about the different text features found in non-fiction books.
    • Chapter 3 of GUM has the students learning about words that are often confused such as to, two, and too, know and grow, and reflexive and indefinite pronouns. The test for chapter 3 will be the week of March 23rd.
    • Please have your child bring a book to school everyday of the school year. They will have opportunities throughout the day to read and enjoy the book that they have choosen.
    • We are going to begin to learn about Greek/Latin number prefixes such as quad-/quadr-, quint-/pent-, oct-, dec-, and cent-. 


    • Our first unit in Science is Earth and Sun. The first investigation in our unit is The Sun. Students look at shadows throughout the day. They use this information to monitor the position of the Sun as it moves through the sky, and analyze what this information tells us about time and rotation of the earth to produce day and night.


    • We are going to talk about ways to stay safe inside and outside of the home.

    Social Studies

    • The students will be creating an advertisement to convince class members to move to their colony and located in either the Southern, Middle, and New England Colonial Regions.
    • After we learn about the regions the students will take their knowledge on how to write an opinion paper to write about their favorite colony.

    Important Dates

    • March 16th - No school
    • April 3rd - Last day before break


    Monday, March 16th - C Day (Instrument and Gym Shoes)

    Tuesday, March 17th - B Day (Dress warmly for Bower's Farm)

    Wednesday, March 18th - C Day (Instrument)

    Thursday, March 19th - D Day

    Friday, March 20th - A Day - (Gym Shoes)

    Special’s Schedule from 9:00-9:45 everyday
    A Days- Gym
    B Days- Spanish
    C Days- Music
    D Days- Art 

    On D Days we also have Spainsh from 1:55-2:40

    Band and Orchestra are on A and C days Monday thru Thursday from 2:50-3:35

    Lunch is from 12:50-1:30 Daily

    Allergy Alert! We have students in the 5th grade this year with allergies to peanuts and tree nuts. As we switch classes so often, the entire 5th grade is NUT FREE. You may send in a snack for your child to eat during our celebration!

    CELL PHONE SCHOOL POLICY: Cell phones are to remain in the student's backpack until the end of the school day. They are not to be in the classrooms or on the student unless they are being used for instructional purposes. If a student is found with a phone, it will be taken to the office until the end of the school day.

    Students are not to be in the building in the morning, prior to the bell. Students found roaming the halls or in unsupervised classrooms will be sent to Kids Club.

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