• On this page, you will find the information for the goings on in my specific classes. If your child has another fifth-grade teacher for a particular subject, please see that teacher’s page for information.

    Should you need something or have a question that needs my attention, please feel free to email me or send a Dojo message. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

    Math: Students in my math class continued using the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Math Expressions program. This program will help to better prepare your child to meet the National Math Core.

    This week, the students continued their work on Unit 6 which is all of the concepts introduced this year but in word problem format. It is assuring to see that they remember the skills of using the operations for fractions and decimals but we are still working on finding keywords to know which operation to use in the word problems. The test for this unit will be either June 7 or 8. Please make sure your child is practicing their math facts using XtraMath at least TWICE per week. 

    Reading: The students finished their presentations this week. It was fun seeing all the different ways they could summarize a text. I think many of our former battle books will be showing up on your child's reading list this summer! We continued our poetry unit in reading this week. Poetry will be due June 8th. 

    Social Studies: The students are now studying the Revolutionary War this and next week.

    Science: The students are focusing on a unit about force and motion in science class. They are working with students in Mr. Sammons's class to create Mouse Trap Cars. These cars will be due June 8th and we will have a race off on Monday the 11th.




    Important Information:


    June 4 - Flashlight reading with our kindergarten buddies

    June 5 - Field Day

    June 7 - June and Summer birthday celebration

    June 8 - Band/Orchestra Concert

    June 8 - Poetry and Mouse trap cars due

    June 11 - Car race!

    June 12 - Baldwin Summer Reading visit

    June 14 - 5th grade end of year party

    June 15 - Graduation


    Allergy Alert! We have students in the 5th grade this year with allergies to peanuts and tree nuts. As we switch classes so often, the entire 5th grade is NUT FREE. You may send in a snack for your child to eat during our celebration!


    • If your child is going to be absent-please call #248-851-2667 before 10:00 am to leave a message so that we know they are going to be out for the day and why.

    • Students are marked absent for the morning if they arrive after 9:30 am.

    • Students are marked absent for the afternoon if they leave school before 3:00 pm.

    End of day changes to Dismissal Plans

    • Please make every effort to plan and communicate to your child how they will go home each day. We are unable to deliver messages changing dismissal plan to students and teachers after 3:00 pm.

    • In an emergency, you may call the office to let us know of dismissal changes.

    Morning Drop Off

    • Students should not be dropped off at school earlier than 8:35 am unless they are registered for Kids Club. Staff are frequently in meetings before school and there is no supervision, other than Kids Club, for students brought to school prior to 8:35 am.

    Dropping off of forgotten items

    • Please make every effort to have your child bring their lunch, school supplies, and instruments with them to school each day. In the event they have forgotten something you may come to the school and leave it on the cart outside of the office with your child's name on it. Staff will direct students to look in that spot if students are missing something that they need for the day.

    Thank you for your assistance with these matters. We are trying to reduce the large numbers of times the office staff has to disrupt instruction within our classrooms when calling into relay message about changes to dismissal plans and for forgotten items.


    CELL PHONE SCHOOL POLICY: Cell phones are to remain in the student's backpack until the end of the school day. They are not to be in the classrooms or on the student unless they are being used for instructional purposes. If a student is found with a phone, it will be taken to the office until the end of the school day.


    Students are not to be in the building in the morning, prior to the bell. Students found roaming the halls or in unsupervised classrooms will be sent to Kids Club.