• Smart Snacks

    The Smart Snacks standards, which took effect July 2014, are required to be followed by all schools that participate in the National School Lunch Program per the Michigan Department of Education (MDE). In July 2016, the Smart Snacks Final Rule was published, thus there were many changes and adjustments made. Birmingham Public Schools follows the Final Rule. Not only does the policy regulate the Food Service Department but effects all foods sold in schools from midnight until 30 minutes after school lets out for the day. All foods sold or any food given to students that requires payment, contribution or the exchange of tickets or tokens would be required to be compliant with the Smart Snack Guidelines per the MDE.

    See the tools below for further guidance:

    Smart Snacks Impact Fundraisers?

    As of July 2015, Michigan instated a policy that allows two non-compliant fundraisers per week per school building; Birmingham Public Schools does allow and follow this policy. A fundraiser may last up to one (1) day. They may not be sold in the foodservice area during mealtimes. These exemptions are optional and are up to the schools to track on their own. Each school is to have a person(s) responsible for tracking and monitoring.

    Please note that fundraisers like cookie dough, pizza kits, and Market Day are not impacted as they are taken home to be prepared and consumed (not during the timeframe outlined in the Smart Snack Rule).

    To help PTOs, Teachers, Administrators, and any other groups effected by these changes please visit this page to serve as a reference tool. 

    For more information including the tracking tool for non-complaint fundraisers, visit the MDE Smart Snack Website or contact Chartwells for more assistance in navigating the Smart Snack Policy.