• What are the Building Blocks of a Quality Early Childhood Program?

  • The foundation is based on the principles of...


    • All children go through the same stages of development
    • Developmental rates from child to child vary, especially between the ages of 0-8
    • Each child is unique
    • Each child develops on his/her own timeline
    • Frequently, one area of development within a child may be highly developed, another area is less developed

    Picking Songs on the Song Board


    Content that:

    • is developmentally appropriate
    • is multisensory
    • stresses individual and small group activities
    • is meaningful and relevant
    • is concrete
    • provides for active, hands-on exploration
    • provides open-ended, process-oriented experiences
    • respects the cultures of the children in the classroom
    • integrates across the curriculum 
    • relies on rich children's literature as the basis for teaching
    • provides rich oral languageas the foundation of literacy development
    • allows for individual differences and learning styles
    • draws upon children's interests and background knowledge
    • is based on information gathered through ongoing assessment of student progress and individual needs
  • How do we structure our curriculum?

    • the teacher structures the physical environment so that children feel welcome, safe and secure
    • the routine is predictable
    • children take in new information through their senses
    • visual cues are used to enhance learning
    • objects and areas are labeled to provide a print rich environment 
    • daily plans and activities are based on children's interests

    Teachers use "best practice" strategies to teach