AESOP and Substitute Info

  • Absences/AESOP: (now Frontline) is the BPS Staff Absence Reporting system. 

    You may find the login link on the  BPS website under Staff Links.  It is also under Staff Informaton on the Seaholm Website.  Here's a link the login.

    You can report your absence via phone or you can do it online.  Here’s the instructions for logging in.  If you didn't receive a login check in the main office and we can follow up with Dawn Nofzinger in Human Resources to set you up!

    Here’s some online instructions including a video of how to login and report your absence. Here's a printable Quick Start Guide.

    Do you need coverage for only part of the day but you will absent for the full day?

    Here's a link with the "how-to":

    Modify Substitue Report Times

    Please, please, please report your absence as early as you can so we can get sub coverage for those of you who need coverage. 

    Managing My Preferred Sub List

    You have the ability to select a list of substitutes you prefer to fill your absences.  The substitute placement feature will attempt to contact these substitutes first when you create an absence.

    Here's the instructions once you are logged into your AESOP account.

     Managing Your Preferred Substitute List