• H. English 9B


    Group Project: Choice Graphic Novel

    Select a graphic novel with your group, read it, and create a 5 - 10 minute presentation (Google Slides, PowerPoint, etc.) for the class.  Enter your book selection HERE. Refer to this RUBRIC as you develop your presentation.


    Malala Chat

    Click HERE to share your thoughts and reactions to the film He Named Me Malala.  How does viewing this documentary compare to reading Malala's memoir?  Does any aspect of her story surprise you? Strive to write insightful, substantive comments/questions and avoid distracting silliness.


    Persepolis Chat

    Click HERE to share your insights about the film Persepolis. Post a minimum of four insightful comments/questions for full chat credit.


    Research Paper Preview: Framing the Controversy

    In a well-written paragraph, explain the controversy (related to race/ethnicity) you'll be addressing.  Enter your paragraph HERE. You can view and comment on your classmates' paragraphs HERE.


    To Kill a Mockingbird Film Chat

    Click HERE to share your insights about the film To Kill a Mockingbird.  Make a minimum of four insightful comments for full chat credit.


    Scottsboro: An American Tragedy - Backchannel Chat

    Click HERE to discuss the documentary in real time.  Make a minimum of three comments for full formative assessment credit.


    Welcome to Honors English 9B!  In this second term of ninth grade English, we will continue to develop critical reading and writing skills while exploring works that address the "struggle for freedom" and "matters of life and death."  While I will provide you many supplementary readings to analyze and discuss, we will also use many of the resources in the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Collections 9 textbook, the online version of which can be accessed here.

Weekly Syllabi